Pop-ups: why they work and why we love them


In one of our more recent posts, we discussed all the different types of experiential marketing activations and the ideal times to deploy them. However, one type of activation we didn’t touch on was pop-ups. We have seen great success with pop-ups in a variety of capacities throughout Toronto for their exclusivity and ability to

Planning your summer experiential marketing campaign

your summer experiential marketing campaign

It’s summertime now in Toronto and we know one thing for sure – it’s going to be brand activation central. Good weather and peak tourism seasons make now the perfect time to be making meaningful contact with potential consumers with a summer experiential marketing campaign. What is an experiential marketing campaign Experiential marketing goes beyond the

Why in-store product sampling increases sales

in-store product sampling

Who doesn’t love free samples? We know that product sampling campaigns work because of its effectiveness to draw people in. But, how does drawing people in really affect your bottom line? Many brands are hesitant to launch a product sampling campaign because free samples aren’t necessarily free for your company. However, when studies show that

Should you take your brand activation on the road?

Mobile marketing tour examples

A mobile marketing tour is a strategic marketing campaign that takes your brand on the road to engage with audiences in an in-personal and meaningful way. With the right tools, such a branded vehicle and a team of enthusiastic brand ambassadors, you’re activation will take brand engagement to the next level. The logistics of a

Brand activations: the Do’s and Don’ts

brand activations at Cabana Pool bar

What is a brand activation? A brand activation is a strategy that drives consumers to your brand through meaningful interactions. This may come about as a product sampling at a festival or a conversation with a branded street team on your walk to work. Regardless, both types of activations have the same goals of creating