Pop-ups: why they work and why we love them

In one of our more recent posts, we discussed all the different types of experiential marketing activations and the ideal times to deploy them. However, one type of activation we didn’t touch on was pop-ups. We have seen great success with pop-ups in a variety of capacities throughout Toronto for their exclusivity and ability to draw a crowd. Not sure if a pop-up activation is for you? Let’s jump in and find out!

What is a pop-up activation

Pop-ups are a limited time activation that offers a unique deal, product or experience that consumers often cannot get otherwise. The short time window of opportunity for leads to engage in the pop-up gives it the feeling of exclusivity that tends to draw a bigger crowd. Pop-ups can last anywhere from one day to even a couple on months and can remain in only one location or can travel around on a mobile tour. The unlimited possibilities of pop-up activations make them effective for nearly any brand whether you’re offering a limited time discount, experience or exclusive products.

FOMO: The Fear of Missing Out

The fear of missing out, otherwise known as FOMO, is a contributing factor to the success of many limited time opportunities such as pop-ups, festivals and events. The thought of other people having an exciting, rewarding and downright memorable time without them drives consumers to make buying decisions that make them feel more included. Whether everyone is attending a popular music festival or wearing a limited edition shade of lipstick, FOMO could draw more attention and more consumers to exclusive brand opportunities. Entice prospects into becoming customers with an exclusive pop-up by offering a product, experience or deal they can’t get anywhere else. 

Picture perfect opportunities

In the digital age of social media, did you even do something fun or cool if you didn’t post it on Instagram? Social media is a great tool for pushing your pop-up experience. When you offer a limited-time, one-of-a-kind opportunity, your customers will want to post about it online which translates to free marketing for your brand. When planning your pop-up, integrate an easy, branded photo opportunity that will encourage visitors to snap a picture and post online. You can do this with a photo area, props and an original hashtag (which will also help you find all these amazing posts online). No matter what your brand has to offer, the flexibility of pop-up activations make it a great method of generating leads or building customer relationships. Not only will a pop-up create FOMO and draw a crowd, but it will also link lasting positive memories with your brand (that will potentially be immortalized by customers taking and posting photos online). Give your customers great memories with your brand that are built to last with an exclusive pop-up experience! Give us a shout to find out the ideal pop-up style for your brand!