FOMO: What it is and why you want to inspire it

How to inspire FOMO for your brand


The fear of missing out. A concern that one might miss an opportunity or satisfying event, often aroused by posts seen on social media websites. In the age of the millennial, the experience reigns supreme. There is no better aligned marketing strategy with FOMO then a combination of experiential marketing and social media. According to Eventbrite, 78 percent of Millennials would prefer to spend money on an experience or event rather than buying something. What the research tells us, is that if you want to reach millennials, no matter what kind of marketing initiatives you are running, you need to add an experiential component to drive the message home and create ROI with longevity. FOMO finds fuel in beautifully curated Instagram feeds and the importance millennial’s place on being apart of the action. So how do we tap into this market and create events that this generation will connect with authentically?

Inspiring FOMO with Experiential Marketing

Think exclusivity, short-term, and limited edition. Pop up shops, in-store promotions, and exhibitions are going to garner attention and create a sense of urgency around attendance. By developing an experience that is short and packed full of creative elements, you are creating an environment that millennial’s feel apart of not one that they need to buy into.

Leveraging FOMO with Social Media

Sharing the experience online is part of the experience and it’s what makes others feel that sense of missing out on something major. Including a social media aspect to your event is another sure fire way to get people sharing your event online. Think about how your prospective audience uses social media and include something like a mural for photos with a branded hashtag, or create a location for the event that people can check into online. Adding this extra element encourages social sharing and also creates a trend throughout photos that viewers can recognize.

Work with a Toronto Experiential Company who Specialized in FOMO Creation

The fear of missing out is one that you can use to your advantage and certainly an idea you want to keep in mind during the design process. At Reef, we understand the way millennials think and what they are looking for from brands. We know how to harness FOMO and use it to your advantage. Come visit us and let’s create something enviable together.