Innovative Ways to Launch New Products

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  Your new product deserves a grand entrance into the market. You have put so much work into creating the product and are likely very excited to let the world get their hands on the results of that hard work, so you need to have a plan in place to ensure it is a success and your consumers are just as excited as you are. Using unique and innovative ideas to launch new products can help you stand out from your competition, and could be the difference in having a successful product launch that wins over new customers.  

Create a launch plan

A launch plan is that includes when, how, and where you want to launch is crucial when introducing your new product. Do your research about your target audience before you build your plan to decide on your tactics and strategies for your launch. Plan what information you are going to release leading up the event and who you want to receive this information. A good rule of thumb when planning out your launch is to ask yourself, “How can this help me turn my product into something worth talking about?”

How does your product benefit your customer?

You will want to include your customers in the process when developing your product launch marketing strategy. Consider how the product will benefit the consumer. Even though you may be excited about all the different aspects of the product, people will think more about their own problems and how it can help them. Put the focus on your consumers and how it can improve their lives rather than just how great the product is.

Throw a launch event

Promote an event to coincide with the product launch. At this event, you will have many eyes and ears that will be listening to the benefits and features of the product and how it can help them. You could do the event at a store or other location, or you could do a social launch party. No matter what platform or location you use, you will want to make the event special  — there will be lots of people there who can further promote your product through word of mouth, so give them something to talk about. Also, include the opportunity for consumers to post something unique and exciting on social media at your event to make them feel involved and want to share it with their friends.

Launch new products with influencers and bloggers

Not only should you be utilizing your own company’s blog to promote your new product launch, but you should utilize other bloggers and influencers as well. These influencers could be loyal consumers to whom you will give an early peek at the product in order to to get their reviews about it. Having their posts ready to go when you launch will allow you to create buzz ahead of time. Invite the people who you had to review your product to your launch event. This strategy may not get a lot of promotion, but it will give you user-generated content and something to build on for your launch.

Create suspense

Building up to the release of a product can be exciting. Deciding what information is released about the product, and how it is released, will help to build suspense. This will engage consumers and they will want to know more. They will follow you for news about the product because they want to know what it is. Creating suspense will get people talking and generate buzz for your new product. Looking to launch a product in the near future? Connect with the Reef Agency Team to get your brand (and product) noticed!