How to Leverage Influencers as Brand Ambassadors

grand opening event ideas

If your brand isn’t using social media influencers as brand ambassadors you are behind the competition. Influencers can cause a brand stir with one post, it’s why the industry is growing at such fast rates. To find brand leverage with an influencer you must be strategic, just because they have a large following does not

Tips For Planning a Grand Opening Event

grand opening event ideas

Everyone knows that first impressions are everything and this is no different when you are planning an event to celebrate a grand opening. We had our experts put together their go-to grand opening strategies to make sure your business stands out in a crowd. Know your business goals Prior to your event, you need to

How to Nail a Pop-up Shop Opening

How nail a pop-up shop opening

Thinking of getting in on the pop-up shop game? It can be an awesome way to gain brand exposure and harness the Instagram market. There are tons of benefits to hosting a pop-up shop, but with a limited run, you’ve got to nail it for it to be a success. Here are 4 pillars to

Experiential Marketing Campaigns for Regulated Industries

Rec Cannabis Celebrates the legalization of cannabis

Regulation shouldn’t equate to dull marketing campaigns. Healthcare, life sciences, financial services, and now in Canada at least, the cannabis industries have found amazingly creative ways to get their audiences amped about their brands! Experiential marketing allows these industries to kick that boring marketing framework to the side and use non-traditional, experiential elements to create

FOMO: What it is and why you want to inspire it

How to inspire FOMO for your brand

FO.MO The fear of missing out. A concern that one might miss an opportunity or satisfying event, often aroused by posts seen on social media websites. In the age of the millennial, the experience reigns supreme. There is no better aligned marketing strategy with FOMO then a combination of experiential marketing and social media. According