Halloween Experiential Marketing Campaigns


The Halloween season ignites feelings of excitement, fear and anticipation – feelings that lead to memorable experiences. With scary films such as IT: Chapter 2 and Joker being released in 2019, brands can take advantage of the spookiest season of all with these Halloween-themed marketing ideas. Host a branded haunted house Nothing says Halloween like

Types of staff you will need to hire for your event

staff you will need to hire for your event

When it comes to experiential marketing, brand events are an operation that requires all hands on deck to create a successful campaign. Events need more than just bodies in places, they need effectively trained and qualified staff to carry out unique roles before, during and after your event. Security Is safety your top priority? It

How to prepare for your product launch

prepare for your product launch

Congrats! Your company is coming out with the next best thing in your industry, but now the hard part begins. After going through all the work to develop innovative advances in your field, you need to make sure your company and new product get the attention it deserves to drive sales. It’s daunting, but it

How to launch a product with experiential marketing

launch a product with experiential marketing

If you’re reading this, your company is likely approaching an exciting product launch. Unfortunately, we’re here to tell you that not all product launches are made alike. According to a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review, 80% of product launches fail. Why? Lack of preparation. Don’t leave your new product up to chance. Prepare

Navigating event sponsorship

event sponsorship

With hundreds of large-scale events taking place across Canada every year, brands can find themselves with dozens of opportunities to make meaningful connections with target audiences. Event sponsorship is a growing method for developing brand loyalty as event attendees associate their experience with their interactions with a brand. 

Bringing your brand to life at events


Live events involve a lot of moving parts. From finding the right event for your brand, to choosing an effective activation, taking your brand to an event can feel like a juggling act. When you’re looking to create a meaningful experience with your customers, you’ll want an expert to help you on your way. That’s