How to Incorporate and Leverage Emotion in Marketing

Emotion in marketing

Have you ever considered emotion in marketing when strategizing your marketing initiatives? People often associate emotions as something that can swing dramatically in one direction or another but that isn’t always the case. We can feel sadness, happiness, complacency, or anger to varying levels. By associating happiness with laughter or joy, we can brand it

How to measure the success of your brand activation

How manages brand ambassadors in Toronto?

Brand activations are becoming more and more popular as a means to strengthen engagement, promote awareness and captivate an audience. One of the best ways to showcase products and services with your people, brand activations demand attention and provide consumers with an opportunity to connect with and humanize your brand in a way that other

What to look for in an event-staffing company

What to look for in an event-staffing company

Hiring the right staff is imperative for your event’s success, but what if you’re not the one doing the hiring? At Reef, we pride ourselves on our ability to facilitate live marketing, from idea creation to logistics and event staffing. Here’s how you know you’ve made the right decision in your event-staffing company. Event experience

Strategies to Inspire Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Strategies to inspire word-of-mouth marketing

What is word-of-mouth marketing and why should we work to inspire it? Word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) is a powerful organic tool triggered by customer experience. It differs from other forms of paid marketing in the apparent value: it’s unsponsored so, inherently, it carries more weight. In a 2015 study of digital trust, more than 8 in

Live Marketing Strategies for the Gen Z Consumer

using experiential marketing to attract gen z

  Generation Z has arrived and in order to compete for market share, do not undervalue them. Who are they and why should you adjust your live marketing efforts to target them? Gen Z makes up approximately 22 per cent of Canada’s population. Now that they’re entering the labour market and gaining disposable incomes, here’s

Liquor Marketing: Experiential Ideas for Liquor Companies

Liquor marketing ideas for liquor companies

  Maintaining relevance in the competitive liquor market requires strategy. With so many new liquor, wine, beer and cooler companies fighting for market share, elevating your liquor marketing efforts to facilitate connections and start conversations is vital. Before you set out on your next liquor marketing campaign, enhance your strategy with these four live marketing

Two Transit Companies that Nailed Experiential Marketing

Transit marketing

Service-based industries like transit can be heavily regulated, but that does not mean they aren’t able to create and launch incredibly creative transit marketing campaigns. This is where experiential campaigns can serve service-based industries well. We’ve seen activations that turn people’s concepts of the service on their head to ignite excitement, maybe get in on

How to Leverage Influencers as Brand Ambassadors

grand opening event ideas

If your brand isn’t using social media influencers as brand ambassadors you are behind the competition. Influencers can cause a brand stir with one post, it’s why the industry is growing at such fast rates. To find brand leverage with an influencer you must be strategic, just because they have a large following does not

Tips For Planning a Grand Opening Event

grand opening event ideas

Everyone knows that first impressions are everything and this is no different when you are planning an event to celebrate a grand opening. We had our experts put together their go-to grand opening strategies to make sure your business stands out in a crowd. Know your business goals Prior to your event, you need to