Why a Custom Build is Totally Worth Investing in

Rose Picnic marketing

  Experiential marketing is all about evoking emotion, elevating your brand and establishing a connection with consumers. But how do you do all of this and make the sentiment last? Go custom. A custom experiential marketing build includes props, structures, and other collateral necessary to take your vision and make it a reality. Design your

Make the Most of Your Festival Brand Activation

Creating a successful festival brand activation

Toronto in the summertime provides ample opportunities for brands to get into the festival brand activation game. Whether it’s music, art, food, wine, dance or otherwise, festivals of all types can lend themselves to your brand activation. How you can leverage the festival environment Festival environments, as diverse as they can be, all provide one

How to Nail your Product Launch Event

How to nail a product launch event

A well-planned product launch event can make or break your launch. It sets the tone for things to come so you’d better get the details right. In an ideal world, your event will create hype, deliver on your promises and generate sales. To ensure you’re getting your ROI, consider these essential details and nail your

Marketing Strategies for Cannabis Companies

marketing strategies for cannabis companies Canada

Being newly legalized, Cannabis is a tricky marketplace to break into. It’s the hot new industry with new companies sprouting up everywhere. So how can companies inspire brand loyalty in a crowded, regulated industry? Below are some things to consider as you prepare for your experiential cannabis marketing campaign. Special Considerations for Cannabis Companies If

How to Leverage Your Position as an Event Sponsor

Event sponsorship

Among the many different ways to market your products or services to your consumer-base, event sponsorship provides a unique opportunity for brands to gain meaningful access to their target audiences while establishing a face-to-face human connection. To best capitalize on your investment, ensure that you’ve done your demographic research, as you want to make the

Why Experiential Marketing Is So Effective

Experiential marketing campaign for Taco Bell and Airbnb

  Some of the largest brands in the world dedicate a large portion of their marketing budget to creating live marketing experiences because they are just so effective. Experiential marketing provides a completely different brand interaction than the classic marketing campaign strategy. When people can walk through and interact with your brand and the campaign

Experiential Marketing: How to Nail Your Social Strategy

experiential marketing social strategy

  Experiential marketing and social media are inextricably linked, at least they should be. There is so much brand power in creating experiences and interactions, why wouldn’t you want to leverage that further with coverage online? You can use social media in so many creative ways, why wouldn’t you want brand exposure before, during and after

How to Incorporate and Leverage Emotion in Marketing

how to leverage emotion in marketing

Have you ever considered emotion in marketing when strategizing your marketing initiatives? People often associate emotions as something that can swing dramatically in one direction or another but that isn’t always the case. We can feel sadness, happiness, complacency, or anger to varying levels. By associating happiness with laughter or joy, we can brand it

How to measure the success of your brand activation

Mobile marketing tour examples

Brand activations are becoming more and more popular as a means to strengthen engagement, promote awareness and captivate an audience. One of the best ways to showcase products and services with your people, brand activations demand attention and provide consumers with an opportunity to connect with and humanize your brand in a way that other