Halloween Experiential Marketing Campaigns

The Halloween season ignites feelings of excitement, fear and anticipation – feelings that lead to memorable experiences. With scary films such as IT: Chapter 2 and Joker being released in 2019, brands can take advantage of the spookiest season of all with these Halloween-themed marketing ideas.

Host a branded haunted house

Nothing says Halloween like a haunted house which can be a great way to attract the real jumpscare fanatics. This classic Halloween activity is a great way to promote your brand name and create memorable experiences between your company and your participants. Building a haunted house will attract couples, families and friend groups, which will connect your brand with a variety of target audiences. 

Host a Halloween pop-up

Pop-up activation can come in a lot of varieties making it a dynamic marketing tool for almost any brand. Halloween is the perfect time to marry make-up brands with pop-up activations by helping customers get Halloween-ready with a make-up station. This Halloween activation combines the best of product samples, brand exposure and customer feedback to create a meaningful connection. Not only will it keep participants coming back to your brand all year long, but this pop-up activation also enables an opportunity for user-generated content to expand your target audience beyond pop-up participants.

Host a Halloween party where people are encouraged to dress up in a way that is related to your bran

For those brands targeting the 18-34 year old demographic looking to party their Halloween away, this is the perfect way to attract them. Implementing brand ambassadors, a spooky theme, a photo booth with the brand name imprinted on both digital and physical copies, and hiring a DJ that is relatively popular in the community creates a recipe for spooky-good time. Your party guests will get to know your brand but the real brand exposure will be on social media. Those who attend the event will get fun momentos from the photo booth sporting your brand’s name making it easy to share these memories with friends. When it comes to seasonal promotions, you’re not only preparing for increased sales following your event, but you’re also establishing brand association for next year’s event.  Halloween is a time of year all ages can enjoy equally, so providing events that can create fun, scary, and encourage consumers to be active on social media accounts is a big factor in brand recognition during this spooky time of year. The experts at REEF Agency have 15+ years of experience hosting events, executing experiential campaigns and managing social media influencers to make your brand moments memorable – and long-lasting. Connect with the experts at REEF to make your event a spooktacular hit!