Types of staff you will need to hire for your event

staff you will need to hire for your event
When it comes to experiential marketing, brand events are an operation that requires all hands on deck to create a successful campaign. Events need more than just bodies in places, they need effectively trained and qualified staff to carry out unique roles before, during and after your event.


Is safety your top priority? It should be. When you draw hundreds, or even thousands, of people to your event, you are liable for their safety. Your security staff can ensure your venue doesn’t exceed its guest capacity and can identify security threats before they enter your event. Give yourself some peace of mind when you hire qualified security personnel to keep your guests (and your brand image) safe.


Experienced bartenders can help showcase your consumable product in the best light with their cocktail-crafting skills and customer service etiquette. Even if your event isn’t featuring an alcoholic product, having fast and effective bartending services will make your event a total hit. Bartenders with event marketing experience will have the know-how to delight your guests and draw a focus to your brand. Above all else, your bartenders will be legally certified to work with and serve alcohol to your guests.


Brand ambassadors are your ultimate experiential marketing personnel. Well-trained and experienced brand ambassadors can hype up your brand before, during and after your event to create a lasting and meaningful experience with your brand. Whether they are promoting your branded event with a street team activation or they’re engaging your guests at your event, great brand ambassadors are the front-line staff that help to put your brand or product in the spotlight.  Finding the right staff to fit your brand and your event can be a delicate balance. The experts at REEF Agency have over a decade of experience finding, training and deploying event staff for clients in a variety of industries. When you leave the event staff hiring to REEF, you’ll be able to dedicate your time and resources to the bigger picture – your main event. If you’re ready to host your event with confidence, contact us to assemble the perfect team.