How to keep the hype up after your experiential campaign or event

keep the hype up
As you prepare for your next big experiential campaign or event, you need to ensure you have a strategically planned campaign to maximize the impact of the activation and your budget. This includes connecting with your consumers in a relevant way, long after the event is done. After months of planning and prepping, the last thing you want is to lose all of the valuable momentum when the curtains close on the show. Post-event marketing can help attendees relive those good memories surrounding your brand while getting em excited for the brands’ future endeavours. So keep the good times going with our top tips for post-event marketing:

Use brand ambassadors to keep the memories alive

Your brand ambassadors have built a report with your audience and now is the time to remind attendees about what a good time they had (and tell non-attendees what a great time they missed out on). Communicating your key messages through trained brand ambassadors humanizes your brand and makes it easier for your followers to establish an emotional connection.

Post a post-event review

It’s not uncommon for campaigns or events to post a recap video or highlight reel from their recent events, and you should too. After spending a day (or maybe even a couple of days) collecting fresh content from your event, you can easily put together a video to thank you or remind participants how awesome their experience was. Additionally, you can hype up your audience for future events. Likewise, your viewers will love watching your video with hopes that they made their way into the footage. This content can be used again and again throughout the year leading up to your next event.

Host an after-party, online

The main event may be over, but the party doesn’t have to stop there. Hosting an ‘online after-party’ is a great way to keep the hype up about your brand. You can host exclusive offers, contests, social mentions, for guests who experienced the activation live or engage with those who wish they did. An after-party is a great way to say goodbye to your event seasons while promoting other great things coming up with your brand. Keep the hype up and give your loyal brand followers a special send-off with any of these fun and effective post-event marketing ideas. Keep the momentum going even after your momentum runs out with help from an experiential marketing agency. REEF Agency has 15+ years of experience hosting events, executing experiential campaigns and managing social media influences and online promotion to make your brand moments memorable – and long-lasting. Connect with the experts at REEF to make your event a lasting hit!