How to integrate Instagram with your event activation

With over a billion active accounts on Instagram, incorporating social media into your marketing activation is a no brainer. Users are liking over 4 billion posts every day, so why shouldn’t your posts be one of them? Social media can be a part of your experiential marketing campaigns from start to finish when you plan accordingly. If you know Instagram is a valuable tool but you’re just not sure how to use it, try one (or all) of these simple ways to incorporate Instagram into your next event activation for the most impact.

Encourage people to post online and tag you for a contest

Making social media a part of an activation contest is a great way to get the most mileage out of your experiential marketing. With Instagram, you can make your activation at one event reach across the country by using hashtags and account tagging. Encourage your visitors to snap a picture with your team or activation and tag your account to be entered in a contest. Social media contests can spread like wildfire because everyone loves free stuff. So, lean into the Instagram contest trend and get people snapping and sharing those pictures!

Create an Instagram-worthy moment

Draw people in and make photo-snapping effortless with an Instagram-worthy moment. An Instagram-worthy moment can be anything from a  stunning backdrop to a prop-making station like the ones we have created at The Rosé Picnic. At the 2019 picnic, REEF executed a Parisian backdrop adorn in flowers on a cobblestone path that transported guests to the streets of Paris with the snap of a picture. These glamorous photos are a great way to incorporate your branding and have it seen by hundreds and even thousands of people from authentic accounts. Posts from business accounts can easily go ignored by followers, but when Instagram users see their friends posting beautiful pictures with your branding in it, they’re more likely to be engaged, ask questions and seek their next Instagram-worthy moment with your company.

Use social media to promote your campaign

Whether you’re announcing the next stop of your mobile tour, or you’re hyping up your followers to visit your next event activation, Instagram is a valuable tool to get people involved. Broadcasting your upcoming events can help draw people in and make your activation a success, instead of relying on passersby to stop and engage with your activation. When you use social media to attract a crowd, you’re targeting key demographics that will be interested in what your brand has to offer. Choosing which platform to promote your activation will be instrumental to your success. If your brand trends to Millenials and Gen Z,  Instagram can help you draw that younger audience. Get the most reach from your activation by making it the star of the show on your Instagram and your audience’s. Authentic posting by people who love your brand or activation can create a buzz around your business that will keep your brand top of mind. Whether you want to incorporate one of these social media elements, or a combination of the three, the experts at REEF can make your activation a social media sensation. Book a meeting to start incorporating social media into your next event activation.