How to prepare for your product launch

prepare for your product launch
Congrats! Your company is coming out with the next best thing in your industry, but now the hard part begins. After going through all the work to develop innovative advances in your field, you need to make sure your company and new product get the attention it deserves to drive sales. It’s daunting, but it isn’t impossible. The experiential marketing experts at REEF have successfully launched dozens of products in unique and creative ways. Here is our checklist for bringing a new product to the market.

Identify a key audience

Before you launch into the big ideas, you’ll want to nail down the nitty-gritty details of the new product. Who is it made for? Who is going to buy it? Where will people buy it? Understanding your audience’s relationship with the new product will help you to narrow down your experiential marketing approach. The more time you put into the research, the better you’ll be able to target the right kind of audience. 

Pick the best experiential marketing campaign type for your product

Not all experiential marketing campaigns are made alike. Likewise, some approaches simply work better than others. Take consumable products, for example, we know people love trying before they buy, which is why product sampling campaigns can be such a hit. Food, alcoholic (where permitted), and even cosmetic samples can all win over the consumer, but if your product isn’t consumable either on-the-spot or at home, it may be best to take another approach. There are tons of ways to bring positive attention to your brand such as street teams, brand ambassadors, creating a viral moment and more!

Execute an experiential marketing campaign

So you’ve locked down your idea, now it’s time to make it happen. There are a lot of moving parts to consider such as timing, location (weather concerns), staffing, sponsorships to name a few. The best-executed marketing campaigns start and end with a meticulous schedule that keeps all the gears moving on time. Launch campaigns also require a team of people whether it’s strategists, hiring staff,  brand ambassadors or specialty talent to create a cohesive and complete activation. When you need the staff but don’t have the time to hire, an experiential marketing agency can make the job painless.

Prepare backup plans

You know the saying, “hope for the best, prepare for the worst”? As your experiential marketing campaign comes together, it’s important to come prepared and be comfortable switching gears if necessary. If your activation is outside, you must consider the possibility of bad weather. If your activation requires electricity, bringing the right equipment to reach a power source is critical. In times of uncertainty, lean on the expertise of your experiential marketing agency to make sure you’re prepared for any unexpected situation. With the right research and planning, your experiential marketing campaign will drive your product launch to success. Remember, give yourself lots of time to plan, prepare for the worst, and when in doubt ask your experiential marketing agency for support. Don’t have an experiential marketing agency yet? REEF Agency is a Toronto-based experiential marketing agency with dozens of years of experience launching new products in a variety of industries. If you’re ready to plan your next successful product launch, connect with the experts at REEF to start a conversation about your brand.