Why in-store product sampling increases sales

in-store product sampling
Who doesn’t love free samples? We know that product sampling campaigns work because of its effectiveness to draw people in. But, how does drawing people in really affect your bottom line? Many brands are hesitant to launch a product sampling campaign because free samples aren’t necessarily free for your company. However, when studies show that product sampling can increase sales by 2,000%, it’s no surprise that Costco offers shoppers free samples every weekend.  If you’d like to see increase sales with your brand, here are three reasons why product samples will work to help you achieve your sales goals.

Samples mitigate risk

If your product is new to the market, or simply new to a customer, some shoppers will feel hesitant spending their hard-earned money on something they may not like. People are naturally prone to loss aversion, meaning we are more motivated to avoid losses than to pursue comparable gains. Therefore, even if the loss is only $4, shoppers will be more inclined to save their money, even if they think they might enjoy your product. A product sample can remove the guessing and the risk by showing shoppers that your product is worth the cost.

Enhanced product knowledge

So your customer knows they like your product from the sample. But sometimes, that may be all they know about your product. This is where your staff steps in to inform your customer of all the benefits of the product that they are less likely to read on the packaging. Or, maybe you’re offering a deal or coupon because you’re out representing your brand. This is the time to let your consumer know that now is the time to buy.

Samples create cravings

Free samples give consumers just a little nibble of what is yet to come if they were to purchase your product. But what happens when that nibble isn’t enough? Samples can establish consumer cravings. Behavioural experts note that small samples have the ability to make consumers desire a more complete experience of having a full-size product. Once your consumer has even a brief experience with your product, it will be harder for them to walk away without purchasing it then if they hadn’t received a sample at all. Telling people about your brand is just a small piece to your marketing puzzle. When you’re looking to drive real results, showing your consumer why your brand is the best with product samples is a winning strategy. Are you ready to increase your sales? Contact us today to strategize a product samples campaign that’s right for your business.