Should you take your brand activation on the road?

Mobile marketing tour examples
A mobile marketing tour is a strategic marketing campaign that takes your brand on the road to engage with audiences in an in-personal and meaningful way. With the right tools, such a branded vehicle and a team of enthusiastic brand ambassadors, you’re activation will take brand engagement to the next level.

The logistics of a successful mobile tour

Your mobile activation won’t happen overnight and contains a lot of moving parts- and we’re not just talking about your tour vehicle. To have a successful marketing campaign on the road, you must understand the logistics of taking your marketing efforts to the streets.

Planning location and audience

Understanding your brand’s audience is critical when planning your mobile tour. Plan your route and pit stops around events and locations that your target audience is drawn to. This may even mean planning your campaigns months to a year in advance to make sure your branded vehicle is able to park at or around an event or festival.

Online promo and PR

Even if you perfectly align your brand with the right festivals and locations to reach your target audience, much of your efforts will go to waste if you didn’t tell your audience you were going to attend. Keep your followers updated on your mobile tours whereabouts using your social media channels to draw them to participate in your strategically planned tour. Likewise, attract new audiences to your brand by securing a shoutout in popular online media like Narcity or BuzzFeed.

Knowledgeable and enthusiastic brand ambassadors

Ambassadors are at the helm of every great mobile marketing campaign. They deliver your brand messages with enthusiasm and execute your engagement strategy with ease. Allowing for ample time to vet the right ambassadors and train them about your brand values will optimize your campaign’s return on investment.

Tools and equipment

We hope you know by now that you need a branded vehicle. After all, something has got to put the mobile in mobile marketing tour.  However, it is important to choose your vehicle strategically for your specific purpose. If your an engagement activity will take place inside the vehicle, you may want a revamped bus or a trailer, or if you have a lot to equipment to bring with you, you’ll need to consider the best way to transport it. No matter what vehicle you choose, it’s important that it is accompanied by an engaging activity to draw people to you. Having a flashy car won’t be enough to make people remember your brand. Draw people in with free samples, coupons or a game like spin-the-wheel for a branded prize. The more creative and original the activity, the better traction you’ll have with potential customers. If putting all the parts to a successful mobile tour feel daunting, trust the experienced marketing team at Reef to make your marketing strategy roadworthy.