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How to find event staff that make a lasting impression for your brand

Event Staffing

Experiential marketing would not be as effective as it is without the people!

The staff you choose to represent your brand in the public eye is an important piece of the puzzle for your strategy. Whether they are offering product samples, leading demonstrations, or interacting with your customers, you want to make sure that you have the right people involved. You want someone outgoing, fun, and who will leave a positive, lasting impact on those they interact with. Remember, this is your potential customer base and you want to make sure you impress them enough to get them to become your long-term fans and advocates. Make those interactions count. Don’t let just anyone work for you – let it be someone specifically chosen by our team of experts who you can trust to get the job done properly.

Reef Agency provides event staffing for a variety of events and activations in many industries that will really get your brand noticed. We want you to be a success, so we come to you with the resources and team necessary to make it happen. We know and trust the people we work with and provide only the best of the best for you, so work with us and we will make it count.

Brand Ambassadors

A brand ambassador is someone who will give your product or company the credibility you need to get through all the marketing and reach your audience on their level. These are people who can connect with your customers and potential customers in a way that they trust.

The concept is that you connect with someone who has tried your brand and enjoys or loves it enough to tell everyone else about it. It goes above and beyond someone leaving you a good review on a website or on social media. Instead, this person becomes a go-to trusted partner who will continue to advocate for you long after the review has been published. You could also build a relationship with them through which new products are sent to them regularly. This is more effective than paying someone to talk about you because it helps boost trust and credibility. When people hear things from people they trust, they are more likely to feel comfortable purchasing.

Brand ambassadors are a relatively new way of getting the word about your brand out and in front of the eyes of your potential consumers, but it is an increasingly effective way that marketing companies are using word of mouth to their advantage. The key feature of having a brand ambassador is to promote your sales and generate an online presence for your brand organically so that it feels natural for your audience to trust them.

Toronto Brand Ambassador Staffing

Are you looking for someone to represent your brand? It can be hard to find someone or make that initial connection when you want to start using influencers to promote your products. That is where we come in – we will take care of the hard part for you. We have a strong network of people we can use to make sure you are connected with the people who are going to be the best fit for your brand. Our team works with top of the line people who know how to interact with audiences and make sure that they connect in the best way possible.

Having your brand endorsed by one of our recommended brand ambassadors will boost your brand awareness to the next level. By using their knowledge and appreciation for marketing and driven by a passion for growing and maintaining relationships with brands, our team will present your brand culture and products to their established following. We want to get your brand in front of the masses. Our brand ambassadors have an enthusiastic spirit and are very engaging representatives that are sure to boost your brand to the audience they know and are trusted by so well.

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Hiring Bar and Service Staff

Sometimes good bartending help is hard to find, so we are here to make sure that you are covered with any personnel needs. Our bar and service staff are your go-to people – they have everything it takes to wow your guests and customers, from exceptional service to charming personalities. We   send out our very best, most qualified, and hard working individuals to your event as service staff, and we would never send anyone we did not trust to uphold your standards. From bartending a private party to attending your event, we have all of the personalities to send your way.

Our staff have attended and worked at many different parties, occasions and events. With top-quality representatives, we hope to secure a relationship with you and your guests, to ensure that our agency representatives make a lasting impression of the staffing of your party. We understand that every event is unique and every job our staff will be doing is unique to the culture of your brand and vision.

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VIP Event Host/Hostesses

When hosting an event, we hope that you are aiming to spend time with your guests and be part of the event yourself. That is one of the most important parts of developing and maintaining those essential client relationships. Part of making yourself available to spend that time with your guests is making sure that you have all other areas covered. You do not need to spend more time than you have on the little details. Instead, we can provide a team of VIP event hosts and hostesses who will make sure that the ultimate experience is provided to those very special guests.

If you need someone to be responsible for the VIP guests and the enjoyment of all attending your special event, our hosts and hostesses have you covered. They are well trained and experienced in making people feel special and important, and ensuring that they have a luxurious experience. By providing personalized service, whether that be bottle service, greeting, mixing and mingling, or communicating all details of the event to your guests, you are sure to have a very successful time and can rest easy knowing that we are here for you.

Canada Wide Street Teams

What are street teams?

Street Teams are groups of highly enthusiastic people that are representing your brand at specific events and destinations. This could be anything from a demonstration at a music festival to a food truck in the park. We are the team that brings the ‘hype’ of your brand and what you’re all about to your customers in the most fun way possible.

Street teams have been used as experiential marketing tactics to promote the presence of brands and generate word-of-mouth marketing after an event. By sending our street team to your event, we will have your name scattered everywhere we can get it, represented by the most enthusiastic, driven, and professional individuals. The goal of our street team is to bring your brand to life at your event and make sure no one will ever forget you.

From working with big brands such as Nike and Pepsico to smaller, local activations, our street team is well equipped to bring your brand’s identity to the street in the most enthusiastic and rewarding way. Leave a lasting impression of your brand and let us show you how much our street team amplifies your brand presence.

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Crowd Control Experts

Hosting an event can bring many surprises and even get a lot of attention if you advertised it properly. Sometimes this means an unanticipated amount of guests and people in attendance, and you can only be so prepared for what is to come. People can be unexpected, and anytime you are hosting a big promotional event, you should consider the way that you will handle those unexpected challenges while maintaining proper brand image.

If you are expecting a large crowd at your audience, look no further than our qualified and trained crowd control staff at Reef Agency. Our team will keep your special guests a top priority when managing the crowd for safety and security, and ensure that people are not getting out of control. This includes helping your attendees find their seats, ensuring proper spacing, checking for items at the door, and monitoring the crowd for spontaneous behaviours. Our staff will happily yet professionally be gatekeepers for your venue and keep an eye out at all times to ensure no surprises come your way. The safety and management of your guests will be a priority to our crowd control team.

Hiring Specialty Talent & Artists in Canada

Sometimes you need to find that perfect someone to make your event memorable and connect with the people in attendance. You can plan the most perfect and magical party, but if the talent or entertainment isn’t there, it doesn’t connect to the overall picture and your event could fall flat. You need talent that is popular with your target audience and who will keep them engaging and interacting all night long.

Reef Agency can provide the perfect entertainment for your event. Specialty talent can range from magicians, performers, musicians, and much much more – and we have connections to professionals for every occasion. If you are looking for talent or entertainers, we are always open to chat with you about specifically what talent you would like and what kind of event you are hosting.

Entertainment brings a great buzz to your event. When you work with us, we make sure that buzz keeps going long after the last performance of the night. We plan to have your event at the top of the A-list once we establish what specialty talent or artist we can provide at your special occasion.


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