Cabana Pool Bar is legendary in Toronto. Known as Toronto’s largest outdoor playground, it’s where the 6’s best celebrate the short but incredible summer months. This year to ensure 2018 was Cabanas busiest summer yet, Reef Agency was hired as the exclusive partner for Cabana’s summer promotional team. We set a goal: to take Toronto’s tastemaker crowd and day and nightlife scene by storm, hitting every major event in the city with exclusive entry passes to ensure an incredible summer for Cabana and their guests. We met that goal quickly. The Reef Agency, Cabana team executed over 180 shifts in a 3-month period totalling over 1,440 hours. The team reached over 5,000 people on opening weekend handing out exclusive passes to Cabana’s pre-season party with 80% of the passes coming through the door. Opening weekend was an incredible success and a nod to what would be an incredible summer. Our team of influencers and brand ambassadors blanketed the city with highly strategic event targeting. You could find our highly recognizable team at events like Post Malone and Tiesto and handing out passes at Toronto’s best venues. Behind the scenes, the Reef Agency team planned their city-wide promotions and identified the specific staffing requirements and skill-sets needed from our influencer and brand ambassador team. We hosted casting calls and initiated an intensive recruitment process, carefully selecting a team of some of Toronto’s top promotional models and influencers. That team of 20 expertly Reef Agency trained promotional models and brand ambassadors were equipped with a branded Jeep and bicycles to hit the Toronto Festival and events scene with full force for every weekend over 3 months. The team was highly recognizable via a robust social media strategy developed to support Cabana’s already strong online presence. Toronto residents recognized our team for their custom uniforms, brand assets and their determination to be front and centre at the city’s hottest events and party’s.

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INK Entertainment is Canada’s leading lifestyle and entertainment company. Headquartered in Toronto with some of the most successful venues in the city. For more than 10 years, we have been a trusted agency of choice for INK, providing promotional models, event staff and in-field teams for several venues and events; including Rebel, Cabana, Uniun, Dreams and VELD music festivals.
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