The legalization of Cannabis and the end of prohibition in Canada marked a monumental change for our country. In an effort to both celebrate legalization and educate the public on the new brands available to Canadians, Rec Cannabis hired Reef Agency. Throughout the summer of 2018, the Reef Agency team deployed experiential campaigns to raise awareness about Rec Cannabis brands and start conversations around legalization. These campaigns culminated in a nation-wide Wake and Bake celebration. The campaign was a resounding success making an impression on 12% of Canada‚Äôs population. From October 17-20th, 40 Reef Agency trained Brand Ambassadors descended upon Vancouver, Calgary, Halifax and Toronto. Decked out in custom branded uniforms which included glow-in-the-dark hoodies, light-up shoes and branded bombers, our energetic teams roamed the streets to increase excitement surrounding legalization. Throughout the entire day for four days straight our team distributed branded swag including: 
  • LIIV branded lighters, megaphones for amplification and postcard handouts
  • SYNR.G blueberry Muffins and postcard handouts
  • XSCAPE branded glow sticks, retro boombox playing music and branded rickshaws
The campaign was supported by a PR and media strategy. Reef teamed up with agency partners to distribute Wake & Bake themed packages to over 134 media and social influencers in 6 key markets. The packages which were filled with delicious baked goods and product brochures helped to leverage 4,624,118 impressions. Specifically, the campaign was featured by 64 radio and broadcast media outlets, 52 online and print media outlets and by 18 influencers. Total Impressions:
  • Traditional (Radio/Print/Online): 3,748,267 – 3 hits
  • Social (Instagram/Facebook/Twitter): 875,851 – 24 hits

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