Rosé Picnic

Rose Picnic Marketing Company

Staffing on-demand

When Rosé Picnic started planning their inaugural event, they came to us for support. We helped provide them with the specific staff required to run this event successfully. Staff included game attendants, ticket scanners, cleaning crew, bartenders, serving staff and VIP hosts. With more than 3 thousand people expected in attendance, as well as a sold-out VIP area, we remained flexible with staffing roles and adjusted positions on demand. Since this year was Rosé Picnic’s first event, especially in a competitive summer festival market, post reporting was essential. With the goal of helping the client achieve greater success with future events, we created a detailed report that included both quantitative and qualitative learnings. This report allows the client and us to see what succeeded and areas that may need more attention. Thanks to our success staffing the event, we have been asked to be the primary staffing partner for the 2nd annual Rose Picnic at Hotel X. We are thrilled to once again be part of this event.