How to launch a product with experiential marketing

launch a product with experiential marketing
If you’re reading this, your company is likely approaching an exciting product launch. Unfortunately, we’re here to tell you that not all product launches are made alike. According to a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review, 80% of product launches fail. Why? Lack of preparation. Don’t leave your new product up to chance. Prepare for success with our top strategies for an amazing product launch with experiential marketing:

Street teams

Excited about your product launch? We are too. So why not shout it from the rooftops, or at least the streets of downtown Toronto with your very own street team. Street teams are a great way to get your brand noticed and make one-on-one connections with potential customers. As your launch a new product, your professional trained street team will be able to represent your brand by speaking with prospects, answering questions and handing out coupons or samples that will ignite the prospects buying journey. 

In-store product samples

Your product finally hit the shelves, but that isn’t always enough to make it fly off the shelves. Don’t let your new product go unnoticed. Instead, put it in the spotlight with an in-store product sampling activation. Not only will this show shoppers that your product is being offered at their convenient location, but it will also give prospects an up-close and personal experience with the product. We know product sampling works, and we know how to do it well, so take your product launch to the next level with an in-store product sampling campaign.

Tradeshows and industry events

If your new product is specialized and industry-specific, you don’t have to miss out on the experiential marketing opportunities that will launch your product sales. Tradeshows can bring your product directly to a specific target audience that needs a product just like yours. They also offer a unique opportunity to network with professionals in a similar or related industry that can turn a simple conversation into a client relationship. As your new product hits the shelves, make sure you hit the ground running with an experiential marketing campaign with proven, repeatable success. Our team at REEF agency has over a decade of combined experience taking new products viral with a tried-and-true experiential marketing campaign. Prepare for take-off with a team of professions that will have you launch-ready in no time. Contact us today to start planning for success with the REEF team.