How to make the most of your experiential marketing activation in winter

experiential marketing activation in winter
As the seasons change, we’re saying goodbye to beach days, music festivals and patio season – but that doesn’t mean the fun has to be over. Winter offers a whole new kind of fun for us and your brand. Experiential marketing has no bounds no matter what the weather! Winter is a great time to bust out some awesome experiential marketing campaigns and here’s why:

Christmas is around the corner

The holidays open new doors for exciting experiential marketing campaigns. Not only is winter a great time to be promoting your brand, but it also comes with a wealth of marketing ideas. Themed campaigns can bring out the holiday spirit with your potential customers, much like this Christmas campaign we executed for PMA. Making that extra marketing push around Christmas time is vital in order to complete with all the noise surrounding the holiday shopping season.

Take advantage of higher traffic indoors 

If you feel less inclined to send your brand ambassadors out into the cold, don’t worry, you don’t have to! Use the wintery weather to your advantage by targeting your audience that is inside for the season. Indoor spaces will get busier in winter, making it easier to capture more people’s attention and excite a crowd around your activation. Consider adapting your favourite activation for an indoor space like shopping centres and tradeshows, or ask us to that for you.

Tradeshows are the ticket to success

Did someone say tradeshow? With many industry seasons cooling off, brands finally have the time they need to attend valuable tradeshows. Not only can brands avoid the chilly winds of winter, but they can also connect with potential customers who are intentionally seeking out their services. Beat out your tradeshow competition with an exciting experiential marketing activation that will attract qualified leads looking for brands just like you! Winter is coming, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. With the change of the season comes new and fresh opportunities to hype up your target audience. Ready to start making the most of winter? Connect with the experts at REEF to put the magic in your holiday season!