Benefits of taking your brand to industry tradeshows

When the weather outside is frightful, tradeshows can be so delightful. As winter keeps people huddled indoors, it’s the perfect season to invest time in your brand at industry tradeshows. Tradeshows are a golden, yet often overlooked, opportunity to make meaningful connections with contacts looking for businesses just like yours. An exciting experiential marketing activation at your next tradeshow could be just the thing to help you land great customers and grow your brand.

Connect with the decision-makers at relevant businesses

When you take your business to an industry tradeshow, you can get face-to-face with the decision-makers of similar companies looking for a partnership or business opportunities. Tradeshows help you bypass the possible song and dance of trying to connect with the right contacts from a variety of companies to discuss partnership opportunities. Instead, make a memorable introduction in person at a tradeshow to create a long-lasting and fruitful relationship

Show off your business in action 

Tradeshows give you the opportunity to offer effective product demos and samples on the spot. Not only will your demo or samples hook people and create interest in your brand, but it can also help draw attention to your booth and bring in a crowd. Once your brand ambassadors have potential customers hooked on your latest product or service, you’ve got the opportunity to send them on their way with literature to remind them of their great experience and tangible memory of the great time they had connecting with your brand.

Branding opportunity 

Branding is a large part of your experiential marketing campaign. When it comes to tradeshows, there is nothing that can’t be branded. From the t-shirts your brand ambassadors wear to the signage surrounding your booth, make the most of your tradeshow space with cohesive branding across all of your experiential marketing assets. Outshine your competitors with a stunning booth and experienced brand ambassadors to excite potential customers about your business.

Connect with people who are actively looking for services in your industry

Tradeshows give you a direct connection to people who are actively seeking companies just like yours for a solution to their problem. This type of experiential marketing is perfect for brands with a highly specific target audience or B2B business models. Tradeshows are a great first step towards making a meaningful connection with qualified customers; however, sometimes getting in front of the right people isn’t enough. Let brand ambassadors raise the bar and take your marketing to the next level with an exciting activation to wow your target audience. A great tradeshow activation is just one click away. The experts at REEF Agency have been creating successful activations and staffing experienced brand ambassadors to businesses like yours for over 15 years. Bring your experiential marketing dreams to life with REEF Agency. Click here to get started.