Top myths about experiential marketing agencies – BUSTED

experiential marketing myths
If you’ve ever hired an experiential marketing agency, you know you’ve got a team of experts ready to make your activation a success. However, many companies are timid to reach out for help with their consumer experiences because of common misconceptions. If this sounds like you, keep reading to see how we bust some of the top experiential marketing agency myths.

Myth #1: I will lose control of my activation

When you hire an experiential marketing agency, you always maintain full control over your brand activation. It’s our job to help with the creation and execution of your ideas for a great consumer experience. We do this with your input and feedback through every step of the way. If you don’t like the direction an idea is going, all you have to do is say so!

Myth #2: An agency will force me to spend more money than necessary

Experiential marketing agencies strive to help you see your vision brought to life, within the budget you’ve set. Your experiential marketing agency will help you understand the cost of materials and staffing to create a reasonable budget that you can feel comfortable with. When you set a budget with your experiential marketing agency, staying within it is just another part of the job – a job we do well. At REEF, we want you to reach every goal for your consumer experience and, as experts, we’ve gained the know-how and made the connections needed to make that activation come to life at the lowest price point possible. Creative ideas don’t always need high costs to execute, and you won’t feel pressured to spend more than what’s necessary to get the job done well.

Myth #3: An agency’s hired staff will know nothing about my brand

When staffing events for our clients, we provide them with the best of the best. Our staff are always provided with the necessary training to do their jobs well – whether it be security, bartending, or brand ambassador staffing. Our clients are also always involved in the training process, which can be done in person or remotely. Our staff training methods include integrating your training materials so you can rest assured that your brand will be represented exactly how you want. When it comes to selecting brand ambassadors, we have a wide network of personnel to provide you with the best fit for your brand. These ambassadors will be able to share their experience with your brand in an authentic way that your customers can trust. 

Myth #4: If someone else manages my activation, I won’t be able to see the results

When you hire an experiential marketing agency, you’re not just paying for a fun activation, you’re paying for results. No matter who manages or executes your activation, you’ll always be able to access the data showing your success. One way we can track results for you is to monitor the response to the activation at the event itself through our on-site staff members that are trained on data tracking. Following your activation, REEF will provide you with all of the collected data in a report that proves your ROI. Now that these four common myths have been busted, you can walk away with a better understanding of the role that experiential marketing agencies play. There’s no question that we play a key role in the success of all of our clients’ experiential marketing efforts, and will do the same for you. Need help? Contact us and let us start a conversation about your brand.