Stand out with your mall pop-up this holiday season

mall pop-up
As the temperature drops, people are choosing to spend more of their time indoors to avoid the autumn rain and the inevitable frigid winter winds. With the holiday season quickly approaching, malls are going to be filled with foot traffic as people prepare for the jolliest holiday of them all. A mall pop-up during the holidays will allow you to reach consumers in a place where they are already spending time. The challenge here is getting the attention of busy shoppers. Here are our top topics for creating an awesome experiential marketing experience in a mall.

Create an eye-catching space with a photo ops

Between the store with window displays and hoards of shoppers, you may feel like you’re competing for attention. However, your mall pop-up can create the perfect break from shopping that customers need during the busy holiday season. A branded photo opportunity is a great way to connect with customers while they’re already in the buying mindset and send them away with a lasting memory of their holiday experience with your brand.

Bring in customers with samples or demos

It’s commonly known that product samples and demos are often hosted in-stores not too far from where the product itself is being sold. So why are malls any different? If your brand is represented in the mall or your product is held at one of the mall stores, a pop-up sampling station or product demonstration is the perfect way to grab shopper’s attention and even give them ideas for stocking stuffers and Christmas presents. In-store activations are a great marketing choice when you’re looking to see immediate results of your activation and there is no better season to let people try before they buy than the holidays.

Have the right staff

We say it all the time but having the right staff is the key to successful brand activation. Why? Your staff members are brand ambassadors representing your business. So when it comes to the holiday season, it’s critical to have staff that are expertly trained and high energy. In a busy mall, your activation staff may be talking to hundreds of people a day making their approachability, high energy levels and knowledge of the brand their most valuable assets. Pop-ups are highly effective marketing activations for the holidays. They’re designed to come and go as quickly as Christmas and leave your participants with a lasting impression. Get your brand holiday-ready with an experiential mall pop-up with the experiential marketing experts at REEF! Connect with us today to get started!