How to find your Brand Ambassadors

your brand ambassadors
As the face of your brand, brand ambassadors interact with your customers in an authentic, personable way. This interaction helps build connections between your brand and its consumers. You can take advantage of brand ambassadors at your next event to add a human touch to the experience.

Why they are beneficial

A brand ambassador is a professional people person with the talent required to draw in potential customers and introduce your brand to event-goers and passersby. Whether you’re looking to execute a nation-wide experiential marketing campaign or a local activation, oftentimes you simply do not have the staff on-hand to dedicate time to making your marketing efforts a success. Hiring brand ambassadors for your marketing campaign means that you will have staff solely dedicated to the setup, execution and clean up of your activation. This undivided attention will allow your campaign to thrive.

How you can find the right brand ambassadors

There are a few different ways to find brand ambassadors to represent your company at your next experiential marketing campaign. Listing a job ad on a general job board will widen your hiring pool, giving you access to dozens of applicants. Another approach may be listing a call-to-action on Instagram for brand ambassadors. This will attract applicants that likely already know a fair bit about your brand or already love and believe in your products. Lastly, you can find qualified and experienced applicants when you hire a professional staffing agency to build a talented team of brand ambassadors. Conducting the hiring and vetting process on your behalf, staffing agencies make it easy to have the best people in the right place at the right time. In addition, they have effective resources for finding qualified individuals and providing training specific to your brand needs and activation style. Brand ambassadors are the bread and butter that turn your experiential marketing activation into a lasting memory for your customers and leads. Create a marketing campaign with a strong foundation when you support your activation with energetic and experienced brand ambassadors. Trust the team at REEF Agency to find the right staff to represent your brand!  find your brand ambassadors