Bastid’s BBQ

How to throw a party
In honour of Bastid’s BBQ’s 10th anniversary, the Reef Agency team wanted to look at what makes this event so incredibly popular and an important branding partnership opportunity. Bastid’s BBQ will travel to over 10 major North American markets in 2020 as a stand alone event as well as in conjunction with major cultural festivals like Austin’s SXSW, Miami’s Art Basel, and the Calgary Stampede.

What is Bastid’s BBQ?

Bastid’s BBQ is an outdoor festival that combines world-class DJs and top-notch BBQ food for an unforgettable experience. This unmissable event was the brainchild of Canada’s #1 DJ Skratch Bastid. Originally, this was a one-shot yearly event in Toronto, however as interest and participation grew, the Bastid’s BBQ team expanded the event into a multi-city tour which now spans North America. 

Why Your Brand Needs To Get Involved

This event is an opportunity for brands to take advantage of interactive marketing and grassroots content to build brand awareness with the targeted demographic of 18 to 35-year old lifestyle consumers. These people love great food, dance-worthy music, and having an unforgettable time. The Bastid’s BBQ team anticipates 16,000 fans will be making this summer’s BBQ series their premier summertime destination. Capture audiences across many different markets with this tour. Partnering with the Bastid’s team as a sponsor means that your brand will gain more visibility and attention than with a single-day event. Partner benefits include getting the opportunity to promote your brand in conjunction with Bastid’s BBQ both during the pre-promotion period online and physically on-site the day of the event. With Bastid’s BBQ’s online following of over 500, 000, your brand’s online reach is extended well beyond your usual audience which is key for any grassroots and emerging brands. The festival takes pride in promoting brands that align seamlessly with their goal of bringing widespread exposure to local talent and providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

How We Got Involved

Reef Agency has supported Bastid’s BBQ with event partners and sponsorship activation since the inception of the festival. Our team’s unmatched experience with partnering brands with events ensures they are connecting with the right audience. We strive to help create the ultimate brand experience at events so guests can be exposed to brands that they resonate with.  It’s not too late to team up with Bastid’s BBQ for their 2020 tour. Reach out to us at Reef and we can provide you with more information so you can be part of the hottest food and music festival this year. Photo by Chané Neveling (@chaneneveling)