Social Media and Guerilla Marketing

Social Media and Guerilla Marketing
Companies are always competing for consumers’ attention using unique and unconventional marketing techniques. But in today’s world of technology and social media, the competition for your audience’s attention is bigger than ever. Social media marketing campaigns are great tools for any business, but they are especially useful for guerilla marketers because they provide efficient and cost-effective ways to take your marketing strategies to the next level. As seasoned experiential marketers, here are some of our favourite tips for incorporating social media to the game.

Know your campaign and audience

You need to consider where you are promoting your current campaign and who your target audience is. Combining your guerilla marketing campaign with your social media strategy will allow your business to reach a wider audience. Remember that different audiences are on different platforms, so do your research to make sure you know where your audience is. The versatility of social media gives your business the opportunity to create a personality that relates to your consumer. This allows you to engage and connect with your audience on a more personal level.

Create an initial social media strategy

Before combining your guerilla marketing strategy and social media marketing campaign, you should have a social media launch plan in place. Social media may seem like a simple concept, but it does require careful strategy in order to be effective for marketing your products and services, especially if you are trying to combine that strategy with guerilla marketing. Take your current marketing efforts into consideration; for example, is your company already running a guerilla marketing campaign? Include a section in your strategy on how you can link your current guerilla marketing strategy to your social media launch plan. This can be done in a variety of ways, including running a contest or using a call-to-action to get followers to post about or share your campaign.

Live stream your content

Help consumers get to know your business with a live stream by scheduling events or unveilings of a new service or product. Other interactive and creative live stream ideas your business could include a “Meet the Team” segment or host a Q&A session. This allows consumers to get to know your business and culture. Your business could also utilize live stream for your events or to show your marketing efforts in the community. This will create a link between your guerilla marketing efforts in the community and your social media marketing campaign.

What Social Media Platform To Use for Guerilla Marketing

The term social media is a blanket term for the many different platforms available. Each platform is equipped with different functions and tools. It is important to do your research, because, as we mentioned before,  you will need to know your target market before deciding which social media platforms to use. It is great that there are so many different platforms, but if you are trying to promote on the wrong ones or on too many at one time, it could result in lost opportunities and wasted time for your business. Focus on your target market and the platforms they use. Know when they are online and track when your followers are most active on your pages. This will allow you to effectively utilize your social media to improve your guerilla marketing campaign.

Cost-effective way to connect with consumers

Social media is a great option to promote your company, whether you are a small startup or a large corporation. It is also a great tool to combine with your guerilla marketing campaign. Not only does it allow you to reach a wide variety of audiences, but it is also affordable. Depending on which social media platform you are using, you control how you would like to use it. Understanding your target market will help you in deciding which platforms to use and how to use them. Looking to launch your next guerilla marketing campaign? Get in touch with the team at Reef Agency and get your brand noticed.