How to Hire the Right People: Characteristics of Good Event Staff

how to hire the right event staff
Event staff are the piece of the event puzzle that absolutely must fit perfectly. Good staff can make the difference between a successful event (and money well spent) and a poorly executed event. The secret? Not everyone was meant to work events. This is why finding the right staff for each event is so important. Your event is a reflection of your brand so make it count. As a busy event staffing and planning agency, we’ve seen the best of the best and the other side, our ability to find the best staff has been honed over our 14 years and we’d like to share with you the characteristics we always look for.

Team Oriented Staff

Events are successful because of the incredible team behind the scenes making sure every part is moving as it should. We are always looking for our staff to flourish as part of a team. To have strong understanding of the role each person plays to make our work successful.  Being a part of an event team means you can rely on one another when something isn’t going according to plan, that you listen and observe your teammates activities, and you help execute every detail to a tee.

Positive Attitude

Working events can be challenging. There is no denying that. Staff often work long hours doing physically demanding tasks. We look for our staff to have a positive attitude. Being a member of our team means that we prop each other up, encourage each other, and celebrate each other’s successes. It also means that we can rely on one another when something isn’t going according to plan, that we listen and observe, and do our very best to make sure that our attitude is a reflection of the brand.  


We look for staff who love coming to work. And because we rely on our staff to ensure the success of our projects, we look for people who are passionate about our mission and understand our drive for perfection. This is an integral trait we look for in potential staff. A key for someone who will succeed in events, is someone who relishes responsibility.   Overall, you want your event staff to represent your brand well. Someone who can stay cool under pressure, be flexible and problem solve, who is positive and excels when part of a team, and who is as committed to your event’s success as you are. Keeping the above characteristics in mind, find people who fit your team and your mission. We aim to people to our team who we think are going places in business and special events. It’s a fast paced and rewarding business and we love being a part of it.