5 Tips for choosing the right agency for brand ambassadors

brand ambassadors
The hiring process can be challenging – it takes up time, it costs money, and it just adds to your teams’ already very busy schedule. This is the reason why most companies choose to hire an agency to do the heavy lifting for them. When you hire an agency for staffing support, specifically brand ambassadors, you can rest knowing that a team of experienced and talented brand ambassadors, who align with your brand and target demographic, will be provided to represent your brand effectively. To keep you from that hair-pulling process of recruiting, onboarding, training, and hiring, we’ve put together a checklist for you to follow to make your hiring experience a total breeze. Check it out:

Seek agencies with national reach

When it is time to expand your target audience, or your business is looking to open a branch in another part of the country, you won’t have the time (or the interest) to looking for yet another agency for your brand ambassadors. When you begin your search, narrow your candidates down to the agencies that can serve your business anywhere your business may go.

High ambassador retention is a great sign

When the agency you hire has a high staff retention rate with their brand ambassadors, you know you have found a great company to work with for two key reasons: they treat their staff well and their ambassadors are experienced. Brand ambassadors who love their agency will be more enthusiastic infield than the brand ambassadors that aren’t satisfied with their current employer. Likewise, the longer the brand ambassador has been with their agency, the more time the company has invested in training. Happy and experienced ambassadors are effective ambassadors. Pick an agency that encourages you to train your reps on your brand. The whole point of hiring an agency is to get a complete package, with little effort required so you can focus on your business. So before you sign a deal with an agency for brand ambassador support, make sure they know they are responsible for training the ambassadors on your brand.

Choose the agency that invests in your goals

When you’re connecting with agencies for brand ambassador support, think about the questions they’re asking you. One of the key questions you should hear should sound like this: “What does success look like for you?” If an agency asks this question, you know they’re invested in making sure you see the right kind of results that will support your business. Your agency should also be able to show you the success they have had in the past with similar types of projects and integrate methods for tracking the success of the program and your ROI.

Good agencies have a recurring client roster

How do you know if the agency you are interested in hiring brand ambassadors from is great at what they do? Their clients will keep coming back for more. Don’t be afraid to dig deep when getting to know an agency and ask them how many of their clients are returning customers. If their return rate is over 50%, you have likely found a company that you’ll be glad to return to for help in the future. If you have found a brand ambassador agency that checks all these boxes, get ready for a stress-free brand ambassador campaign experience. Skip the tedious hiring process altogether and connect with REEF – a full-service experiential marketing agency with 15+ years of staffing experience across the country. Contact REEF today to have your brand represented by the best brand ambassadors in the biz!