Planning your summer experiential marketing campaign

your summer experiential marketing campaign
It’s summertime now in Toronto and we know one thing for sure – it’s going to be brand activation central. Good weather and peak tourism seasons make now the perfect time to be making meaningful contact with potential consumers with a summer experiential marketing campaign.

What is an experiential marketing campaign

Experiential marketing goes beyond the scope of traditional website design and social media that we tend to think of when we hear the word “marketing”. Experiential marketing is all about creating impactful, in-person connections with potential consumers of your brand. This active approach to brand marketing will help your company to stand out and keep you top of mind the next time your consumer base is seeking a solution to a problem your brand can fix. There are a number of ways to attract people to your brand from hosting experience at a festival to deploying a street team to offer free samples. Some of our favourite summer campaigns include the Flor de Caña VIP Lounge at Boots and Hearts music festival, and Pepsico’s product sample campaign to raise awareness for two of their biggest brands, Harvest Fruit & Nut bar and three flavours of Crispy Mini’s . 

Why is Toronto the perfect place for your experiential marketing campaign this summer?

Toronto is a great place to launch an experiential marketing campaign between the 2+ million year-round residents and the 43+ million national and international tourists that come to the city every year. The hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto on a sunny summer day creates the perfect conditions for your street team and pop-up activations. Likewise, the GTA is bursting with local talent that you can hire to make your brand stand out.

How to plan an experiential marketing campaign in Toronto?

There are a lot of factors to consider before launching into your campaign such as target audience, key messaging and a strategy to get you there. Consider how your brand’s key audience likes to be marketing to. Are they always on the hunt for an instaworthy photo opportunity? Do they like to engage in games and activities or try product samples? Considering your target demographic and the results from your previous marketing efforts can tell you a lot about what your audience will gravitate towards. With all of this in mind, it is time to consider how you’re going to grab the attention of your brand’s audience this summer. Have you started planning your experiential marketing campaign? If not, don’t stress. Our experiential marketing team, located in Toronto’s bustling downtown core, will help you plan the perfect experiential marketing campaign for your brand. Give us a shout to see the difference experiential marketing can make for your business.