Guerilla Marketing Tactics: Leave a Lasting Impression

what is guerilla marketing

You’re likely familiar with the term ‘guerrilla warfare.’ The term describes combatants in war who are willing to throw rules out the window. They’re willing to sabotage, ambush, raid and incorporate elements of surprise in order to reign victorious. So, how does this relate to guerilla marketing?


PepsiCo Experiential Marketing Campaign Canada

A Brand Awareness Campaign Resulting in National Sales Boost Pepsico looked to Reef Agency to raise awareness for two of their biggest brands, Harvest Fruit & Nut bar and three flavours of Crispy Mini’s.  We put our hungry minds to work immediately to create the concepts and deliver a national program for both brands. We

PMA Canada

PMA Canada Experiential Marketing Campaign

Stellar Activation and Staffing Leading to a Long Term Partnership When PMA Canada started planning a multifaceted Christmas activation for two of their biggest brands they came to Reef Agency for help. Reyka Vodka and Amarula were set to be featured at Toronto’s biggest Christmas Market in the Distillery District. Both brands activated separate booths

York Transit

York Transit Experiential Campaign

Promotion of a milestone celebration When York Transit started planning the grand opening of 6 new subway stations they came to Reef Agency for help executing the event. This was the largest expansion of Toronto’s subway system in nearly 40 years and the city wanted to mark the milestone with a big celebration. We handled

Rosé Picnic

Rose Picnic Marketing Company

Staffing on-demand When Rosé Picnic started planning their inaugural event, they came to us for support. We helped provide them with the specific staff required to run this event successfully. Staff included game attendants, ticket scanners, cleaning crew, bartenders, serving staff and VIP hosts. With more than 3 thousand people expected in attendance, as well


Sony Promo Experiences

Multi-faceted Experiential Programs to Promote TV series Reef Agency is a partner to Sony Television Pictures on several marketing initiatives, including the promotion of new TV series and production of premium swag items for international distribution. CraveTV’s launch of Snatch is one of many multi-faceted experiential programs we’ve executed for Sony. From concept ideation right


Nike Experiential Marketing Activations

Nike Women’s Run – Staffing In need of last minute help for the 2015 Nike Women’s Run, Reef Agency sprung into action, given only 24 hours to get the job done. The challenge: recruit, onboard and train 75 young, attractive, fit female brand ambassadors. More than 15,000 runners participated in what has become the largest