Why you should hire a street team for your next experiential marketing campaign

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Effective marketing isn’t simply posting on social media and offering promotions on your website. A series of well-rounded marketing efforts will create a multifaceted campaign that will engage your target audience to yield a better return on investment. A street team will play a vital role in rounded out those marketing efforts and fill the role of a face-to-face, personal interaction with your brand that audiences crave. Never deployed a street team before? No worries, here is everything you need to know.

What is a street team and what scenarios might you need one?

Street Teams are groups of enthusiastic individuals that represent your brand at events, festivals or, you guessed it, on the street. Sometimes they offer a free sample of a product or a demonstration but their overall goal is to create buzz around your brand in the most fun way possible. So, you know what a street team is, but when might you need one? Street teams are great for hyping up your brand right before or during the launch of a new product. Food companies may want to offer free samples while clothing companies may opt for a pop-up shop. You may also want to deploy street teams on branded bicycles or with branded vehicles to span a greater geographical reach.

What are the benefits of adding a street team to your marketing efforts?

They give you direct access to your consumer base

Your street team connects with your consumer base on a one-on-one basis. This allows brand ambassadors to engage people in meaningful conversations about your brand, but it also grants your team access to see customers’ reactions to your brand. Your potential customers will have a lasting experience with your brand and have any questions answered they may have had about your product.

They’re mobile so they can go wherever you need them to be.

Pop quiz: How does a brand represent their company at the Calgary Stampede, Veld Music Festival in Toronto and the Festival of Lights in Vancouver? Street teams! They are completely mobile and can pop-up anywhere. At Reef, we can assemble street teams across Canada, so your brand can become present nationwide. Toronto alone has over 50 festivals and celebrations every summer where you could be promoting your brand with a street team. Don’t miss an opportunity to make your brand known by developing personal experiences for potential customers across the country.

They can establish a personal connection.

Your brand goes beyond the advertisement or commercial your consumers saw on Instagram. With a street team, you can show potential customers that your brand is supported by real people that believe in your product. Not only will your future customers enjoy interacting with a real person opposed to a website, but they will also develop a connection to your brand as they try your sample or participate in your activations. As festival-goers and event-attendees remember their fun outing, they will connect those positive memories with the good experience they had learning about your brand. At Reef, we’re prepared to build a street team of energetic individuals to make your brand known at the largest festivals across the country. Turn your brand into a memorable experience.