Thinking outside the box – what is an ideation agency?

rose picnic
Whether your brand is just starting out, launching a new product or just looking to reach new heights, an experiential marketing campaign can create an impactful buzz for your brand. What makes these campaigns effective is a creative and original idea. Nowadays, an idea that resonates with your customer base may be harder to come by than you think. Luckily, an ideation agency can draw on their experience working with a variety of brands to develop an experiential marketing campaign to make your brand stand out among the clutter.

What is ideation?

Ideation is a creative process of developing unique and forwarding-thinking solutions to difficult problems. It can involve a variety of brainstorming techniques such as mind mapping, sketching, storyboarding and roleplaying. Ideation is about looking at a situation from every angle to come up with the best, more effective solution.

What is an ideation agency and what do they do?

Essentially, an ideation agency is a collective of creative, instrumental people who can turn your marketing goal or challenge into tangible, measurable results. The agency will use imaginative and innovative solutions to help you reach your goal or overcome your complex problems. The next step is turning concepts into action, by drawing on knowledge and experience, to executing a solution that works best for you.

Why do I need an ideation agency for my brand?

Answer this, what makes a brand memorable? In today’s day and age, having a great product isn’t always enough. However, pairing a great product with an experiential marketing campaign can elevate your brand to new heights. And an ideation agency can do that for you.   One of our favourite ideation projects was the floral wall activation we executed for SYNR.G at Toronto’s Rosé Picnic in 2018. SYNR.G Cannabis needed a way to launch their social media and develop hype around their brand as cannabis was becoming legal just a few months later. We achieved SYNR.G’s goals by aligning the brand with an event and installed an Instagram-worthy activation to encourage consumers to promote the brand on social media. Not only did we connect with hundreds of event-goers, but we were also able to secure free promotion and future content through social media posts tagging @Synrgcannabis. At Reef, we’ve partnered with major brands to design custom brand activations that help them stand out from the crowd. Make your brand memorable by making meaningful interactions with your potential consumers with an experiential marketing campaign.