Why you need an agency to hire promotional staff

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Whether you’re launching a product or hosting an event, you’re going to need a team of professionals behind you to get the word out about the cool new things your brand has on its horizon. Assembling the best talent for the job is crucial to projecting the right messaging and vision to future consumers.

Picking a team that share your vision

As you build your team, there is a lot to consider. Does this person’s values align with your brand values? Does your brand and this ambassador share a similar target audience, or can they help you introduce your brand to a new audience? Your promotional staff are an extension of the brand, so it crucial to find people that share your vision and vet them properly. You’ll want ambassadors that have tried your product and believe in it just as much as you do to effectively highlight your brand. An experiential marketing agency has the tools and knowledge to hire the best staff to promote your brand to the right audience.

It’s a tough job, but someones got to do it

What’s involved in finding and hiring the best promotional staff for your brand? It’s a big job, but it usually starts from scratch for businesses. First, you have to find people who share the same values as your brand. If you hire talent through tradition job postings, you run the risk of not reaching the best prospects and hiring the wrong staff. On the other hand, influencer seeking software can be expensive and out of reach. The next step will be vetting your prospects, the process is lengthy to determine which, from a pool of applicants, is the right match for your brand. Next, you need to recruit through incentives. While some incentive will look like a typical employment contract (ie. paid hourly for services), other contacts can become trickier as you recruit brand ambassadors to promote your brand on their personal platforms. If your prospect agrees to join your promotional team, you’ve got to organize and schedule their services into your marketing plan.

Who you need and what they do:

Here are some of the key players you need to help you promote your product or event:

Street teams

Street Teams are groups of highly enthusiastic people that are representing your brand at specific events and destinations. They can offer product demos or engage future customers with information about your brand. No matter where your street team is deployed, their goal is to hype your brand to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Brand ambassadors

A brand ambassador is someone who will give your product or company the credibility you need to reach your audience on their level. These are people who connect with both your brand and your current and future customers to spread the word about your product. This person becomes a go-to trusted partner who will continue to advocate for you long after an online review or social media post has been published.

Event staff

Event staff can range from bartenders and service staff to specialty talent like artists and musicians. There team members play an important role in promoting your brand leading up to your event and entertainment while at your event. Finding the right talent to do the job will attract their established fanbase to your event and introduce new prospects to your brand.

Trust experts to hire promotional staff

The staff you choose to represent your brand in the public eye is an important piece of the puzzle for your strategy. Whether they are offering product samples, leading demonstrations, or interacting with your customers, you want to make sure that you have the right people involved. At Reef, we can locate and recruit the talent your product or event needs to take your brand to the next level.