The benefits of product demonstration in Marketing

Product Sampling Kylie and Kendall event with Ardene
Starting a conversation around your brand or a product within your brand that you can actually hear, doesn’t happen often. One of the only true ways to get in front of prospective customers and really have a conversation is through a product demonstration campaign. Product demonstration can be best compared to buying a car. You would never purchase a vehicle without first getting behind the wheel and taking it for a drive first. You need to love how the car looks, how it feels when you drive it and those feelings need to justify the price of your purchase. What a product demonstration campaign does is allows prospects to get their hands on a product and see it’s value first hand and for free. You are appealing to the consumers senses (touch, taste, smell, hear and see) to create that necessary and lasting impression in their minds.

What is a product demo?

A product demonstration is your way of teaching potential customers about your product or brand through a unique, well-thought out experience. Demos are a curated extension of your current marketing efforts. When it comes to demonstrating your product, it’s no longer about telling your consumers that your product is great, but rather showing them how great it really is with an experience. Product demonstrations can be hosted in a variety of ways from tasting a food sample to experiencing the new scent of an air freshener. But regardless of the type of experience you create for consumers, a product demonstration is key to keeping your product front-of-mind for your audience.

What are the benefits of product demonstrations?

Depending on your type of company, the type of product demo you gravitate towards will differ from another, however, all good product demonstrations offer lasting benefits to consumers and businesses alike.

Increases consumer knowledge and comfort

The first benefit of product demonstration is introducing your brand to new consumers. Once a potential customer has experienced your product or service, they already have a growing understanding of what your brand has to offer them. Creating a familiarity with a brand was our goal at Boots and Hearts 2018 where we transformed the VIP lounge area into Flor de Caña VIP experience to showcase the brand’s premium rum. Guests were treated to three themed beverages featuring Flor de Caña premium rum that not only demonstrates the delicious flavour, but also the product’s versatility as it plays a role in different cocktails.

Establishes a connection

An effective product demonstration will help a consumer establish a connection between your brand and their everyday life. During the demo, your consumer will be considering how they could use your product as a regular part of their day, or how your service fit into their lifestyle.

Sparks interest

It’s human nature to be more interested in something you can feel or smell or taste opposed to something you simply see in an advertisement. That’s why your product demonstration will put your brand ahead of your competition.   Sparking interest was an exciting challenge for our client SYNR.G Cannabis as they sought to attract attention to their brand before cannabis was made legal in Canada. We succeeded in this task at the Toronto’s Rosé Picnic where we curated a fun and relaxing experience promised by the product when it launches. Instead of the product itself, we were able to offer calming terpene infused popsicles and premium DIY friendship bracelets in silver, gold or rose gold that demonstrates the trendy experience of using SYNR.G products. Even before SYNR.G was able to launch their products, they were able to build a consumer base that anticipated their product launch.

Bring your product to life

If you’re ready to show the world how great your product really is, rather than just tell them, partner with an agency that can turn your brand into a memorable experience with a product demo. Our creative and talented promotional products agency based in Toronto can create the perfect demonstration to fit your brand and the interests of your consumers.