Why a Custom Build is Totally Worth Investing in

Rose Picnic marketing
  Experiential marketing is all about evoking emotion, elevating your brand and establishing a connection with consumers. But how do you do all of this and make the sentiment last? Go custom. A custom experiential marketing build includes props, structures, and other collateral necessary to take your vision and make it a reality.

Design your custom experiential marketing build on an emotion

If you’re planning a brand activation start with a vision. What are you trying to achieve? Let emotion guide this process. How would you like your consumers to feel after connecting with your brand? Carefully consider all of the elements of your activation and create a space or experience that inspires this emotion.

Some of our best work

We love getting to see a client’s brand vision come to life. We work closely with our clients to help brainstorm, design and deliver big on their vision.   One of our favourite custom builds includes the flower wall we designed for Synr.g Cannabis at Toronto’s Rosé Picnic. This custom fabrication involved a weathered vintage door surrounded by beautiful blooms, perfectly aligning with the festival’s décor. This branded photo op provided the perfect opportunity for guests to amplify the brand on social and our brand ambassadors to hand out terpene infused popsicles, a delicious and treat that cooled down attendants.   Another favourite was the Kisstletoe installment we designed and built for Reyka Vodka at Toronto’s Christmas Market. This custom mistletoe build was a total hit, drew crowds and created major buzz throughout the market. Not only did this provide a fun opportunity for market goers to grab a delicious Reyka drink and take photos, but it amplified the brand online with custom hashtags and a branded wall, making Reyka’s Kisstletoe its own holiday destination within the market.

How a custom build can elevate your activation

Designing the perfect setting for your consumers to engage with your brand is key. Without attention to detail, your activation isn’t going to deliver on the connection you’re trying to facilitate. Done properly, a custom fabrication will elevate your brand, showcase product in the best possible way, and be the lightning rod needed to spark life into your activation.   Going custom allows you to breathe creativity into your activation. Why represent your brand with run-of-the-mill tradeshow collateral when you can design and create something that sparks a conversation, is unique to your surroundings, and will result in a deep and lasting connection with your consumers?   Consider Ghostbusters’ custom installment at Waterloo station in London promoting their new movie. This unique build featured a massive marshmallow man bursting from the tiles of the subway station next to a Ghostbusters themed pop-up shop that surprised and delighted subway travellers. This unexpected yet comical disruption to participants’ daily routine sparked major online buzz and inspired passersby to stop, take photos and enter the pop-up shop to ask, “what is going on!?” Once inside the custom shop, participants could engage with brand ambassadors and buy movie tickets and merch.

Let’s get creative

Partner with an agency that can deliver on all accounts; not just idea creation and staffing, but the ability to create the foundations for your campaign to thrive. Let us deliver the perfect custom experiential marketing build that will bring your brand vision to life.