Marketing Strategies for Cannabis Companies

marketing strategies for cannabis companies Canada
Being newly legalized, Cannabis is a tricky marketplace to break into. It’s the hot new industry with new companies sprouting up everywhere. So how can companies inspire brand loyalty in a crowded, regulated industry? Below are some things to consider as you prepare for your experiential cannabis marketing campaign.

Special Considerations for Cannabis Companies

If you’re already operating in the Cannabis industry, you know that there are strict marketing and advertising regulations you must abide by when showcasing your product. This may serve to limit your experiential cannabis marketing initiatives. According to the Cannabis Act (Bill C-45), organizations are prohibited from marketing cannabis and cannabis accessories in a misleading or deceptive manner, in a way that is appealing to young people, using testimonials, using price, or using the depiction of a person, character or animal. So how do you create a lasting impact while toeing that regulatory line? It’s all about delivering an experiential marketing connection with your consumers in a big, yet legal way.

Collect data in exchange for samples

Numbers and data is gold in an industry faced with years of stigma and a formerly underground market. Collecting data from consumers is a great way to refine and build a more well-rounded picture of your target audience. Provide creative incentives in exchange for data. In our recent work with Rec Cannabis brands on legalization day, Reef deployed street teams in major Canadian cities to hand out branded lighters and glowsticks, and complimentary muffins. Providing goods encourages reciprocity from your consumers and leaves with branded swag to take home. Just be sure that your free samples are useful to your consumers to leave with a positive lasting impression.

Demystify your product

One major challenge of engaging new Cannabis consumers is their level of comfort. If you’re trying to reach new audiences–which, why wouldn’t you be–you need to educate them about your product. For some, making a first Cannabis purchase is like ordering from Starbucks for the first time. With so many options, it’s difficult to know what to go for. Educate your consumers to demystify your product, increase product knowledge and embolden new consumers to trust you for their first Cannabis purchase. Increasing their level of comfort and boosting their confidence makes a great introduction to your product and results in that lasting warm and fuzzy feeling we marketers all strive for.

Get creative with brand alignment

Step outside of the realm of traditional trade-shows. Yes these events are necessary for showcasing product and establishing valuable industry connections, but with so many competitors by your side, this environment doesn’t always make for optimal opportunity to stand out amongst the crowd. Research what events can lend itself to and elevate your brand. Consider the work we did with SYNR.G Cannabis at Toronto’s Rosé Picnic. We launched the brand’s new Instagram among Toronto’s elite in a beautiful, splashy setting. Integrating SYNR.G Cannabis with a well-established and highly regarded event, paired with trendy incentives like terpene infused popsicles and DIY friendship bracelets, resulted in brand elevation and a lasting impression. Don’t be afraid to be the first in this space. Being the first brand to attend or sponsor an event means that you’ve bested your competition and your brand will be the most salient among event attendees.

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