How to Nail your Product Launch Event

How to nail a product launch event
A well-planned product launch event can make or break your launch. It sets the tone for things to come so you’d better get the details right. In an ideal world, your event will create hype, deliver on your promises and generate sales. To ensure you’re getting your ROI, consider these essential details and nail your product launch event.

Key details: timing and suspense

There are two options to consider when timing your event: host an event on launch day or host an event prior to launch to build hype, create buzz and build suspense (guess which one we prefer). If you’re aim is to build hype, timing your event perfectly becomes an art form. Plan an event prior to the release of a product in order to develop suspense and build hype in your consumers, but not too early that the hype has faded by the actual product release date. The tech industry really excels at this. Consider the famous keynote addresses hosted by major tech players like Apple and Samsung. They host informative addresses prior to their products hitting the market to create buzz and build anticipation and their consumers love it. One key tip, the bigger and more exciting the product, the farther in advance your event can be held. Think Game of Thrones. Do you think HBO worried about the almost two year wait for it’s final season? They knew that their fans would remain loyal despite the wait. Be realistic about your consumers. Tap into those buyer personas and plan accordingly.

Create a sense of exclusivity

Creating a sense of exclusivity helps build excitement your event attendees. Maybe you’re throwing an exclusive launch party for your most devoted customers to provide them with a behind the scenes look of your upcoming product launch event. This sense of exclusivity helps to create a deeper and more meaningful connection from your attendees. It also helps to inspire reciprocity. In exchange for being invited to this exclusive event, your attendees might thank you by signing up for a product launch email, provide valuable feedback, or opt in for pre-sales.

Foster a connection

Provide participants the opportunity to establish a connection with your product. Use a product launch not only as an introduction to your product, but as an opportunity for attendees to try it out, learn more and ask questions. In the absence of free samples (because that totally defeats the purpose of a product launch), give participants an experience they can take home with them. Show them why they need your product and how it benefits and fits into their life.

Leverage social influencers

Invite a few key influencers to your event or incorporate them into your product launch strategy. If event attendance isn’t in your budget send gifted product for review, have them use a promo code or mention pre-sales. This strategy, much like timing your event prior to launch, will help build hype and lend major credibility to your brand. When contracting influencers, don’t forget advertising regulations. Don’t let your product launch be a wasted opportunity to generate sales. At Reef, we have the event staffing resources and the experiential marketing know-how to help you launch your products in a strategic and effective way that will leave your consumers asking for more. Contact our experts and nail your product launch event.