What to look for in an event-staffing company

What to look for in an event-staffing company
Hiring the right staff is imperative for your event’s success, but what if you’re not the one doing the hiring? At Reef, we pride ourselves on our ability to facilitate live marketing, from idea creation to logistics and event staffing. Here’s how you know you’ve made the right decision in your event-staffing company.

Event experience is key

Partnering with an agency with a few years under their belt means they have a solid roster of hardworking, reliable people to pull from. An event-staffing company with 10 plus years of experience means they’ve seen it all and know exactly what to look for in event-staff. They’ve experienced the bad so that you only get the goods, so take advantage of the lineup available to you.

Look for an agency that can spice it up

Choose an agency that can meet all of your needs. What kind of staffing do they provide? Because this industry requires not only event staff to showcase your brand in the best light possible while facilitating a memorable experience, find an agency that staffs brand ambassadors, VIP event hosts and hostesses, street teams, crowd control, and specialty talent to set yourself apart. You may not realize what your event or activation needs until you’ve already committed to an agency partner, so choose a partner that can deliver on all accounts.

Make sure your personalities fit  

Choose an agency that gets you. Like really gets you. If you and your event-staffing agency vibe well on a strategic level, chances are they’ll hire staff that best represents your brand and strategic needs. Make sure that you and your agency connect regularly and have those meaningful conversations about the types of people your brand needs in its corner. After all, your event-staff will be the face and voice of your brand, so choose your event-staffing agency strategically.

Hiring an event-staffing company.

Work with the brand that delivers the highest quality of staff time and time again. Work with the event staffing team at Reef Agency to get access to the best training and hand selected event staff in Toronto and Canada wide. Let’s start conversations together.