Tips For Planning a Grand Opening Event

grand opening event ideas
Everyone knows that first impressions are everything and this is no different when you are planning an event to celebrate a grand opening. We had our experts put together their go-to grand opening strategies to make sure your business stands out in a crowd.

Know your business goals

Prior to your event, you need to zero in on the goals for your grand opening and for your overall business. For instance, you might be looking to create brand awareness, get people excited for your business, or build strong relationships in your community. Your goals need to have a tight, unified brand message. Everyone on your staff should know what they are and how to talk about them at your event. Promoting a unified and consistent message will build trust with potential consumers. This summer the Reef team worked with Inc. Entertainment on the grand opening weekend of Cabana Pool Bar. Our goal was to pack the club on opening weekend with high-quality guests and then to continue to drive up attendance throughout the summer. We doubled down on that goal creating a promotional strategy that delivered 5000 guests opening weekend, 80% of which were directly from Reef launch promotions.

Decide on what and when

Deciding on the type of celebration for your grand opening that aligns with your business goals is an essential step. For instance, throwing a pizza party for a law firm is not fitting, but it does fit for a family restaurant. It needs to be original, yet fit with your business ideals. Look at what people in the community are interested in and see how you can utilize that to your advantage. Choosing the date of your launch is critical. Do an industry sweep, see if there are any events other events happening on your chosen dates. Deciding on a date that works for your business and doesn’t run into too much competition. Two weeks prior to your event, do a “dry run” with your staff. This is a crucial step because it allows you to work out any kinks that could affect your grand opening event. Your staff will know what is expected of them on the day of the event. Allowing you to focus on being the face of the business and greeting potential customers.

Use ideas that stand out

Every successful grand opening event starts with great ideas. Building a plan and coming up with ideas that will make you stand out from the crowd will lead to a successful launch. Creating a publicity stunt or supporting a cause that aligns with your business’s mission and goals will offer some depth to your party. It will give attendees something to talk and post about. You want to leave people with a lasting impression that they will want to tell other people about. This will generate more potential customers to follow your business after hearing about your successful event in addition to providing you with content for your website and social media. Two things that are universally loved by everyone is food and music. It is a simple and successful strategy to attract people to your grand opening. Incorporating this into your event in addition to the other great and original ideas that you will have at your opening will make it a “photo worthy” and stand out event.

Market your event

Marketing your grand opening event is different than marketing a promotion. You are new to the market and do not necessarily have an existing customer base to go to. To get the attention of a new audience you need to utilize specific strategies. Utilize local PR in the community where you are opening your business. Advertise on local radio stations (yes people still listen to the radio) and invite journalists and local DJs to your event. Build your presence in the community. If you are building a new building in the community or doing a renovation on an existing building, try to be at the construction site as much as possible. You can talk to people and businesses in the community about your new and exciting business. Get them excited about your business. Have business cards, brochures, or flyers ready to give to them. A grand opening event is can be a key component for your brand activation. However, so much of today’s media is consumed online so if you aren’t online your brand may flatline. If you do not have a website for your new business, create one. Or if you are not using social media for your new business, build up an online presence. It is imperative to have an online presence in business today. You need to start building your online presence before you open your business’s doors. Once you gain traction on social media, you can post teasers leading up to your event, building up anticipation and excitement. The more people who know about your event, can view aspects of it online, and explore what you have to offer, the better. At Reef, we understand that you need to make a lasting impression with your audience, garner great brand traction on socials or by word of mouth, and build brand loyalty. We’ve got all the tips and tricks to ensure your event hits all the right notes.