Why Experiential Marketing Is So Effective

Experiential marketing campaign for Taco Bell and Airbnb
Some of the largest brands in the world dedicate a large portion of their marketing budget to creating live marketing experiences because they are just so effective. Experiential marketing provides a completely different brand interaction than the classic marketing campaign strategy. When people can walk through and interact with your brand and the campaign is done well there’s a chance those people will never forget your brand or product. Consumers and potential clients that you are aiming to reach have a diverse and commodified pool of marketing strategies to feast their eyes on. I don’t know about you, but when we think about this, we think about how to push the envelope, how to release the FOMO so consumers never want to miss out.

Bring Your Brand To Life

Experiential marketing allows brands to cut through the clutter because they are able to create an experience that makes noise and inspires brand loyalty and awareness. Through innovative experiential deployments like activations, product launches, samplings and events, brands have the opportunity to connect people to their product or services on a visceral level. Experiential marketing gives people something to do, something to touch, something to reference with your brand. It’s getting to see your brand and your consumers interact in real life. When done well you get to see the consumer interact with your brand and from that, they go home and tell their friends about that interaction maybe share it on social media. A bonus for you is that they also associate your brand with a seriously good marketing and advertising strategy.

A way to go viral on social media

When activated in the right way, using the right approach, an experiential campaign will have not only potential customers physically at your event and interested, but it will extend onto digital communities and reach people via social media. The right experience will receive the right exposure from an amused consumer base who do work for you turning their experience into FOMO online. Planning for social media exposure, setting up the right brand presence and social media “worthy” picture-esque settings will have people engaging and sharing! Social Media is a really key factor in enhancing any experiential marketing campaign. What is better than when fans of your brand do your marketing for you for free? Capitalize on this opportunity and exposure that your brand is receiving – set up a hashtag to monitor engagement and track the event, even share user-generated content to keep the memories rolling even after the event ends. Collecting social handles is just as beneficial, if not more in today’s society, than an email capture. A positive social media presence will give you a lead base that you can capture and engage with even after the event!

Play To Your Strengths: Remarket

With a huge capture of social media handles or emails dependent on the goals of your campaign, you can now remarket to, you can further leverage the marketing opportunities from there. Your brand has caught the eye of new followers and those engaged, keep posts going out consistently to remind them exactly why they followed in the first place!

Launch your next Experiential Marketing Campaign

We can’t say enough about the power of experiential marketing and neither can our loyal clients and their customers. Think big, deploy well and aim for FOMO and your own experiential marketing campaigns will deliver brand loyalty time and time again. Interested in deploying your own experiential campaign? Get in touch with the team at Reef Agency, we will help you cut through the clutter and deliver innovative brand experiences that drive brand awareness and loyalty.