Liquor Marketing: Experiential Ideas for Liquor Companies

Liquor marketing ideas for liquor companies
  Maintaining relevance in the competitive liquor market requires strategy. With so many new liquor, wine, beer and cooler companies fighting for market share, elevating your liquor marketing efforts to facilitate connections and start conversations is vital. Before you set out on your next liquor marketing campaign, enhance your strategy with these four live marketing concepts.

Find the right event

Showcasing your product at a festival or concert helps to align your product with the event’s atmosphere. Showcase and solidify your product in a space that lends itself to your brand. We recently worked with premium rum brand Flor de Caña to develop and staff a brand-sponsored VIP lounge experience at Boots and Hearts. Flor de Caña was mixed into three tropical cocktails with the goal of increasing brand awareness amongst Boots and Hearts VIP guests. Guests sampled delicious cocktails, drank from a custom ice luge and enjoyed exclusive seating in the middle of the outdoor event: an oasis Reef developed from idea to installation. We showcased this premium product in a premium way at a fun and lively outdoor event that yielded high visibility and sharable digital content. Select an event that you’re excited to associate your brand with.

Offer product

Everyone loves a free sample. Sampling during a live marketing campaign introduces your product to new audiences, cultivates loyalty and increases consumer brand knowledge. Providing an opportunity for consumers to try your product without reaching for their wallet encourages them to become a fan of your brand, free of charge. Delicious complimentary beverages inspire reciprocity from consumers, whether that means purchasing your product in the future, posting a positive review on social, or referring a friend to grab their freebie. Bonus points if you connect to it an event like the one mentioned above.

Immerse consumers in your story

Creating a multi-sensory experiential activation is one of the best ways to facilitate a meaningful and lasting connection with consumers. Immerse consumers in your brand’s identity and culture by building out beautifully designed structures and props that reflect your values. Encourage an experience beyond the sample so consumers will remember not only your amazing flavours but the atmosphere and memories they’ll take home with them.

Incorporate your beverage into an Instagrammable moment

Providing experiences for your audience that facilitates a connection is critical, but what does it matter if they’re not sharing it online? Showcasing your product in a novel, exciting and engaging way will encourage consumers to rave about you online. Consider our work at the Toronto Christmas Market. We worked with PMA Canada to market Reyka Vodka using a fully furnished and decorated “Kisstletoe” installment. This unique photo opportunity allowed attendees to sample product and take cute (branded) holiday photos to share with followers.

Want a new experiential marketing strategy for your beverage brand?

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