Experiential Marketing Ideas: Don’t be afraid to go big

big experiential marketing ideas
We’ve all heard the old adage, “Go big or go home.” Sometimes, going big is just the strategy your brand needs to thrive in a competitive marketplace. If you’re backing big experiential marketing ideas with time and dollars, make sure you’re captivating your audience and getting results.

Make the experience memorable for more than just experiencers

Formulate big experiential marketing ideas that transcend those experiencing it. By this, we mean that your marketing idea should be memorable for everyone, not just participants. One of our favourite ever activations was for the launch of Warner Brothers’ Mad Max: Fury Road. We developed the #DustyCarWash, a unique opportunity for Toronto residents to receive a custom Mad Max themed car detailing. The dirtier the car the more authentic the experience. We went all out with this experience. We styled staff to resemble characters from the movie and designed the activation to look like it belonged in the desolate Mad Max universe. Not only was this a unique experience for participants (literally something they’d never seen before), but a captivating sight passersby would not soon forget. The goal was to drive Torontonians to the theatre during the summer months by creating hype on the streets. We went big and delivered a unique and novel experience forever tied to the brand’s longevity.

Pursue a partnership

No one says you need to execute a large-scale activation alone. After all, there’s strength in numbers, both financially and in the number of staff available to support and deliver big on a brand marketing initiative. One partnership we’re ecstatic to have facilitated was that between Taco Bell and Airbnb. For the launch of their new menu we transformed Canada’s busiest Taco Bell into an Airbnb creating the perfect atmosphere for a “Steakation.” This innovative experience, exclusive to nationwide contest winners, had massive social reach and gained international news coverage because who would have ever dreamed of staying overnight in a Taco Bell? This big thinking delivered the results the clients craved and PR that small thinking could never. Select a brand partner with values and goals that match yours to achieve the level of traction required to amplify your brand.

Start a conversation

One byproduct of a large-scale activation, if properly executed, is that people will be talking about your brand. How can you harness this digital momentum for growth? Create an online space for a conversation to evolve; develop a concise and specific hashtag that perfectly describes your activation or event to direct online buzz. Ensure that your hashtag is visible throughout your event so participants can join in and add to your conversation with little to no effort. Create a specific digital space for your fans to amplify your brand then track and monitor what’s being said about you to evaluate campaign success.

Add to the conversation

Once you‘ve cornered a digital space, add your own content. Hire a photographer or videographer if budget allows. Producing your own visually engaging branded assets provides those searching for your brand with reliable, trustworthy information. If you’re arranging for photo and video content, speed is key. Upload your edited content online while people are still talking about you to maintain that digital momentum.

Work with a Toronto Experiential Marketing Firm

At Reef, we specialize in creating large-scale activations to help your brand stand out. Get in touch with our team and get your brand noticed.