It takes a lot to get noticed. It takes even more to get talked about. To build your brand you have to create experiences, get reactions and get people talking. That’s what we’ve been doing for over 10 years. As a leading experiential and staffing company, we work with high-profile brands in Canada and the US, creating big ideas and executing multi-faceted sales and sampling programs, guerrilla street team marketing, product launches, PR stunts and special events.




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Our team

  • Ticiana

    Head hunted away from Brazilian ad agencies, Ticiana provides consistent dedication, creativity and management to both small and large clients, equally. She’s a no nonsense, truth teller, she’ll give it to you straight, but everything sounds better in Portuguese.

  • John Belbeck – Senior Creative Strategist

    He’s been described as a walking idea. A man who needs 15 creative projects on the go to be truly happy, John will never be our CFO. He also may be nicer than we deserve.

  • Jen Baxendale – Managing Director

    A logistics fiend, Jen has been keeping Shereef grounded in reality since the inception of Reef. Self-taught in all areas of her role she is always looking to learn more. Team builder, fixer, closer. Also known as the office mom

  • Lisa Lorefice – Partner

    Strategic maven and creative powerhouse, Lisa brought Spoiled Fabulous, Simon Pure and BurstXMG to life before joining with Reef Moxie to form Reef Agency. A big heart and an even bigger brain, Lisa deals with the terrible challenge of being loved by everyone who meets her.

  • Shereef Shiaty – CEO and Founder

    Visionary, builder, world traveller, with the energy of a first year Beta Pledge on 3 energy drinks. Over 15+ years in the industry. What he lacks in organization he makes up for in passion

Our services

Street Teams – Brand Ambassadors – Experiential Marketing – Product Launches – Event Staffing – Promotional Models – Digital (Event Interactive & Contesting) – Social Media – Influencers – Grand Openings – Sampling Campaigns – Distribution – Promotions – Sales Teams – CCR – Event hosts / hostesses – Staffing Agency – Mobile Tours – Food Trucks – Videography – Stop Motion videos

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How to Make Your Brand Memorable

Although the road to success can take many different paths when looking at the world’s most successful brands, they all have one thing in common – they stand out among the rest. Creating a memorable brand should be up there in importance with profit and sales, as ultimately, they can all heavily influence one another.

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Why Your Brand Needs In-Store Demos & Product Sampling

The goal of any marketing initiative is to acquire customers and to build and maintain a relationship with them. And while there are numerous ways to do this, few allow you such perfect circumstances to directly reach and engage your target audience as in-store demos and product sampling. Gone are the days when in-store demonstrations

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Fear of Missing Out: A Driving Force Behind Event Marketing

Have you ever been stuck sitting at home while all your friends are out at a party, concert, or event, only to find yourself wishing you were there? Although this sentiment is a bit of cliché and the driving story line behind many a teen movie, in reality, fear of missing out (FOMO) has been

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