To help promote Yelp’s industry-disrupting Waitlist app, Reef executed an exclusive interactive dining experience at BoobyBall presented by ReThink. This immersive activation encouraged BoobyBall guests to register for a table at the World’s Smallest Chef experience, a private dining area inside the event. Guests were wowed by the digital experience and served hot delicious seafood bouillabaisse soup while enjoying a custom kombucha themed cocktail. During their meal, guests learned about Yelp’s Waitlist app. Additionally, the world’s largest pearl was on display for event-goers to experience and interact with. Throughout the evening, 430 guests had the chance to experience the activation and register for Yelp’s Waitlist App. Photos and videos of the experience were shared on social media leaving positive reviews.


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Yelp’s Waitlist App

Yelp is a technology company that helps visitors find great local businesses. Users are able to leave reviews, find community events and more. Businesses are able to purchase ads through Yelp to expand their reach. Yelp aims to help users find reliable, trustworthy service providers in their community. Founded in 2004, Yelp had a monthly average of 37 million unique app visitors during the second quarter of 2019. Yelp launched its Waitlist App in Toronto, Canada in 2019. The new app allows guests to be added to the Waitlist of their favourite restaurants, and receive SMS notifications when your table is ready.
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