Reef and Mid-Day Squares have a long-standing partnership that involves an ongoing series of sampling events in important local markets, identified through research to target specific demographics. These in-store sampling campaigns raise brand awareness and encourage product purchases.  Mid-Day Squares hired REEF to organize and execute a longterm in-store sampling campaign to raise awareness about their digitally-native brand and their expansion from e-commerce into the traditional retail space. REEF Agency deployed teams of bilingual brand ambassadors to national retail partners to educate and distribute samples to customers across Canada.  REEF is currently executing ongoing campaigns in several different markets including Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, as well as on both the East and West coasts, including a coordinated 22 campaigns in a single weekend. The team works with both major national retail chains, provincial retail chains, and local independent retailers who carry Mid-Day Squares.  The success of these in-store demonstrations can be seen in the reporting. An average of over 115 people interacting with brand ambassadors in a single store and providing feedback such as “the ingredients are so good and it tastes even better!”.  REEF’s partnership with Mid-Day Squares, a homegrown, new Canadian brand, showcases how industry-leading business practices, can create opportunities for upstart brands to skyrocket into the mainstream.


  • Bilingual brand ambassador staffing
  • Sampling campaign planning, coordination, and execution

Mid-Day Squares

Mid-Day Squares is a family-owned and operated, digitally-native company that identified a gap in both the chocolate and protein bar markets for a functional chocolate bar that kills chocolate cravings and suppresses hunger for up to three hours. Their products are raw, vegan, free from the top three allergens (gluten, soy, and dairy), non-GMO, and preservative-free. Mid-Day Squares has opened up the market for a product that people feel good eating. With an expanding product line, this Canadian company is proudly developed, produced, and packaged in Montreal. The Mid-Day Squares team started the brand by reaching out digitally to consumers that were in their target demographic and created a digital sampling campaign. This has expanded and created an avenue into major national retailers.
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