Aligning with the 2019 Canadian Federal Election, DoorDash hired REEF to organize and execute an experiential marketing campaign to bring brand awareness to DoorDash. REEF Agency deployed street teams of DoorDash branded ambassadors to distribute pizza slices near polling stations across Canada. REEF introduced the experiential marketing campaign into 7 different markets including Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver.  The two-day campaign required 84 brand ambassadors, broken up into teams of two, to distribute 7200 slices of pizza collectively. Each team of two was provided with a branded vehicle to promote the #NoHangryVotes campaign across their target market as they help Canadians tackle their hungry before hitting the polls.



DoorDash is a technology company that connects people with the best eats in their cities. DoorDash brings local restaurants to the fingertips of hungry customers with the tap of an app. The on-demand delivery service empowers businesses to expand their reach and revenue which satisfying the hungry customer with access and efficiency. DoorDash has one goal in mind: to get whatever people need in their hands as efficiently as possible.
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