In 2017, REEF Agency was hired to provide event staff for 365 Sport’s highly anticipated 5K Foam Fest in Nashville and Atlanta. Drawing over 4000 participants to each event, REEF was responsible for making sure all participants have a memorable experience. To do so, REEF provided 60 trained and experienced brand ambassadors for various roles at both events. Due to the great success of staffing both Nashville and Atlanta events, REEF was asked to be the national staffing partner for all 15 locations across Canada in the summer of 2018.

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  • Brand Ambassador Staffing
  • Event Personnel Staffing

About 365 Sports

365 Sports specializes in event management, experiential marketing, concept and development and brand execution. They provide creative, fun and innovative athletic events to engage all participants, seasoned athletes and novices alike. 365 Sports is dedicated to inspiring a healthier, happier society through the combination of fitness and philanthropy.
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