Tonica Kombucha hired REEF Agency to promote Tonica’s eight delicious flavours with a comprehensive retail sampling program at strategic hot spots throughout Canada. The program includes 20 sampling activations per month, in addition to sponsorship activations and ongoing sampling programs at health and wellness-focused grocery stores which include Whole Foods, Farm Boy, Natures Emporium and Planet Organic Market. REEF Agency takes Tonica Kombucha to events in Canada’s hottest cities like Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver to give consumers a taste of a product that is as delicious as it is health-conscious. City Shred, Providence Golf, Stacked Market, and Mayfair Golf Event are just a few of the exciting events where REEF has executed exciting sponsorship activations to introduce Tonica to customers that love this product.

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About Tonica Kombucha 

Tonica Kombucha is a line of handcrafted, artisanal kombucha available in over 200 stores across Canada. It is made with all natural and certified organic ingredients. The brand was created by Zoey Shamai whose inspired vision that superfoods can be both healthy and delicious infuses every bottle.
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