A Guide to Make Your Brand Memorable

How to Make Your Brand Memorable
Although the road to success can take many different paths when looking at the world’s most successful brands, they all have one thing in common – they stand out among the rest. Creating a memorable brand should be up there in importance with profit and sales, as ultimately, they can all heavily influence one another. However, building a brand and more importantly, creating a memorable one is easier said than done. And much like success, creating a memorable brand can be done in many ways, however, time and time again, it is through experiential marketing that we see the biggest buzz and the most talked about campaigns. Engaging with customers is essential for creating a memorable experience and in turn, a memorable brand. So with that concept at the forefront, here are some of the best ways to create memorable and engaging marketing campaigns.

Understand Your Audience

For any marketing campaign to succeed, at its foundation must first be an understanding of the audience. The goal is to connect with them, and you need to know them first before that can happen. One of the most proven ways of doing this is through “buyer personas,” which are designed to help you understand: • Who your target is; their needs, interests, and concerns. • How they receive and consume content (social media, blogs, mobile, etc) • Key demographics; who they are, what lives they lead

Create an Emotional Connection

Everybody remembers times they’ve been very happy and very sad; that’s because emotions are closely tied to our memories. This is why successful brand campaigns utilize storytelling to instantly create an emotional bond with their audience. However, this should be a two-way street, as the audience should be encouraged to share their relevant stories and experiences with the brand.

Engage the Five Senses

One of the biggest differences between experiential marketing and more traditional marketing is that through the experiences created, brands have the opportunity to appeal to all five of their audience’s senses. Smell triggers memories and other emotions far more quickly than any of the other senses. Touch is the first sense that we all develop, and is our go-to sense for testing the quality of something. Sounds help to set the mood, and sight has the ability to overrule all other senses if convinced to do so. And finally taste, our most under-developed sense, can often be utilized in combination with the four others to create a truly holistic marketing experience.

Consistency is Key

When you are trying to create a memorable brand, it must be realized that everything you do is a representation of that brand. Values, ideals, and direction should all be present in your marketing efforts, as any inconsistency can quickly alter a brand’s perception to its audience, thus hindering its integrity. Brand image can easily make or break a business and consistency is key: • Tone and word usage should be consistent across all forms of content • Establish the goals and ideals of your brand early on, and project them in everything you do • Maintain these throughout all interactions with customers, from face-to-face, to the comment section on social media.

Establish Your Authority

The most successful brands are normally considered to be the authority in their niche. In order to be memorable, people need to view your brand as the go-to source for everything related to your industry/niche. But how do you do that? Simple – content. Consistent, new, and relevant content is key to establish your credibility in the eyes of your customers and audience. Provide creative, in-depth and detailed information that is easily accessible for people, and most importantly, provide the consumer of your content with value in the form of pertinent information and actionable advice.