Taco Bell

Taco Bell PR Stunt Airbnb Steakation

Taco Bell PR Stunt

When Taco Bell needed to create a buzz about their new menu, we produced a PR stunt that captured the nation’s attention. Creating an online social campaign via Facebook Live and a viral video that left viewers hungry for the Steakadilla, Taco Bell’s newest menu feature.

Taco Bell Airbnb Steakation

We transformed Canada’s busiest Taco Bell into an Airbnb creating a “Steakation” atmosphere for guests to enjoy. Facilitating a nationwide contest, where thousands of applicants entered to win a stay in the Airbnb. We took care of everything from sourcing the furniture to staffing and finding talent to host the video. The campaign went viral gaining media attention from news outlets across the country and it even made its way to Europe. Resulting in an overwhelming amount of brand awareness for the client.