Experiential Marketing Campaigns for Regulated Industries

Rec Cannabis Celebrates the legalization of cannabis
Regulation shouldn’t equate to dull marketing campaigns. Healthcare, life sciences, financial services, and now in Canada at least, the cannabis industries have found amazingly creative ways to get their audiences amped about their brands! Experiential marketing allows these industries to kick that boring marketing framework to the side and use non-traditional, experiential elements to create campaigns that build a connection with consumers. We love when regulated industry clients knock on our door because we know that we can help these companies show audiences that they understand what consumers are looking for.

Digging a Little Deeper

Let’s take a look at York Regional Transit. They launched 6 new subway stations and worked with Reef agency to roll out their message in the most fun and interactive way possible for their users. Thinking about their customers commute, we looked to infuse fun and entertainment into an aspect of their daily life that if often mundane. We filled subway entrances with exceptionally talented performers such as musicians, jugglers, and artists. Our staff manned subway lines handing out York Transit swag, goodies, and creative and informative materials encouraging subway riders to learn more about York Transit initiatives. When marijuana became legal in Canada this autumn, working to shift its public image was no easy task. Our team created and ran multiple campaigns with brands to integrate and elevate cannabis and edibles and create conversation. Working with Rec Cannabis brands, Reef ran multiple campaigns include SYNR.G’s Wake ‘n Bake public awareness events that happened in major cities across the country like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Halifax. Representatives handed out themed packages that included lights, muffins and postcards of information. The campaign also included branded rickshaws and loud speakers to amplify sound. The campaigns gained huge traction online with about 4,624,118 impressions. Another cannabis centred event, was the Rose Picnic booth that Reef produced with SYNR.G during Toronto’s Rose Picnic to launch their instagram. We offered popular incentives such as soothing terpene infused popsicles, premium DIY friendship bracelets in a variety of metals, and a widely photographed, SYNR.G floral wall. By integrating the experience of visitors with instagram, their handle was widely used and tagged in photographs cementing their brand online.

Marketing ideas for Regulated Industries

Does you operate within a regulated industry? If your brand is trying to say something new and different, it’s time to dig deep and not be afraid to be a disruption. Reef is an expert at working with companies to change the landscape of their industry through outside the box campaigns and experiences that get you noticed. Regulated industries do have the ability to show they can provide a fun user experience and engage with their customers. Let us set you up with a team of innovators ready to shake up your industry today.